Saturday, February 17, 2018

Full Hands, Full Heart

February has been off to a fast start.  I can't believe this past week was Valentine's Day and we're working our way to March.  We're running around busy like the rest of the world, but soaking up the memories of each passing day with each other.  

Sunday best in February.  Matt and I are in charge of Worship 2 at church this month, and it's been so much fun with all the kiddos. 

Always finding time to squeeze in some SPIN with my girls.  This was a RAVE themed ride.  

Our Life Group got together to watch the Super Bowl at the Carlson's and of course we girls were more excited about JT performing than anything else. But I was glad to see the Eagles WIN.

All our nuggets eating dinner during half time.

Just a sweet picture of my little guy watching Mickey's February ;)

I was down and out with the flu last weekend...strain A.  I have to be honest, it was a pretty light case and I'm so glad no one else in our family got it. 

Brooks was 'STAR of the Week' in his pre-school class at MDO. We made his poster and I think I had more fun than he did.  He was really proud to take his things to show and tell. 

And of course sweet Sis wanted a picture by his poster too.

Valentine’s Day

We were blessed with a Valentine’s Day full of love last week.  Even after I had the flu the weekend before, we were able to get Brooks’ box made, both kids filled out and made their Valentine’s for their friends at school, and this Mama successfully had all the treats and snacks to pre-school for the party.  Whew!

Matt surprised me with a dozen roses and passes to Free Ride.  We also were able to meet for lunch at Big Orange, and it was perfect! I also got a picture from Mom, that Nana was Queen of Valentine's Day at Park's Edge in Tulsa.  I loved seeing her smile.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with those that you love!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Birthday Matt!

My better half turned 41 on January 18.  I still think he looks 35 :) My sweet mom came to the house to babysit the kids so that we could go out and celebrate.  We old folk decided to just go to dinner. We went to Bonefish and it was amazing as always.

I enjoyed a pomegranate martini (in his honor, of course) and that chocolate molten lava cake was eaten mostly by me too!!  Matt ate some of the strawberries ;) It's always so nice to sneak away for a little bit and enjoy each other, especially since it was to celebrate this handsome man!

Friday night, we celebrated with Reese and Brooks at home.  After dinner, they were extremely excited about Daddy's yummy cookie cake.  We sang Happy Birthday and they made him cards.  I surprised him with a deep tissue massage as well.  

We love you to the moon, Matt Fitzgerald!!  You're the best Daddy and husband I could've ever imagined and we are blessed every day by you. May 2018 be your best year yet!

‘Tis the Season to be Freezin’

Windchill of -1...that’s what we've been waking up to.  This January has been COLD.  We’ve had the heating blankets on the bed, the fireplace roaring, and the heat stays at a solid 72 most of the day. (HELLO GAS BILL!)  However, I still love this season.  I love the thought of being in a warm house by the fire, with soup on the stove, wrapped up in a cozy cardigan, playing with my kiddos.  There’s just something about winter that warms my heart. 

We’ve had a busy start to the new year.  Actually, I’m not going to lie.... It’s been a little more stressful than I would prefer.  There were some changes that were made to my job in early January, and it kinda rocked my world.  However, the Lord always hears our prayers and He has provided. After 5 stressful days, everything is back to how things should be and I’m forever grateful for answered prayers, a supportive family, a team of encouragers, and a manager that fights for what’s best.

We went to Monroe to see Matt’s family this past week, and while we had a good time, the trip wasn’t quite our norm. Reese ran a fever of 101+ the entire time, we didn’t get to spend much time with cousins, and Tuesday morning when we left it was snowing and 14 degrees. The roads were a sheet of ice from Monroe to Pine Bluff.  It took us 9 hours to get back home.  We were exhausted!
Needless to say, this past weekend was low key and relaxing. Just what we needed.

On our way to Monroe, on January 13, we stopped in Little Rock to celebrate sweet Evie and her 2nd birthday. It was a big ‘ole party at the Little Gym. I think every kid there had a blast.  I can’t believe she is two. Happy Birthday Evie Rose! 

The kiddos had a great time opening presents from Amie and Poppy and playing with cousins in LA, when we were well enough to do so :(

Sunday, December 31, 2017

It's A Wonderful Life

As the month of December comes to an end, we’ve continued all of our fun even after the Christmas holiday.  We celebrated my beautiful Mama’s 60th birthday with a big family dinner at Marketplace. The grands had a big sleepover at Mimi and Pawpaw’s while Matt and I enjoyed at quiet date night at Pressroom.  We went to see the movie “Ferdinand” (which was adorable), and we enjoyed some relaxing days at home all snuggled in pajamas and playing with new toys.  It was perfection!

This holiday season might be the BEST I can remember.  It wasn't about the toys, but about making Christmas memories.  Riding the Polar Express and seeing the eyes of my children sparkle, spending the day at SDC in awe of all of the Christmas lights, sticking with tradition and going to the Bentonville and Fayetteville squares to eat and look at lights, Christmas programs, giving back to those in need, visiting Santa 1,2, maybe 3 times. :)  This year was more magical to me than any other year. Honestly, I am so sad to see it go.

Instead of wishing I could freeze time though, I'm going to try to remember this motto for life.... I read this from a friend's post on Instagram and thought it was brilliant. 

"There is MORE. We are the keepers of the secret power of recognizing and creating celebrations among ordinary days, and that power lasts all year.  Everything we love about this season is scattered throughout the rest of the year too--opportunities for gathering, music, giving, and gratitude. How many sunsets will take our breath away this year?  How many nights will we fall asleep feeling warm and full and loved?  How many adventures await us?  There is so much to look forward to."

As 2017 comes to a close, I am so grateful.  I'm grateful for all the blessings the Lord has put in our life.  I pray that 2018 has nothing but health and happiness for us all.

Happy New Year Friends!