Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Polar Express

Our crew had the BEST time in Branson last weekend.  I bought tickets to the Polar Express back in August and although they were pricey, this train ride did not disappoint.  It was worth every penny!!  The kids were so excited to go and when we got there, their eyes just glowed! The train station had snow machines to make it snow, the hobo sat on top of the train and talked to us while we boarded, the conductor was fantastic, and the “servers” danced with their trays of hot chocolate.  And let me tell you the sugar cookies and hit chocolate were legit too! 

As the train rolled down the track, we saw elves dancing and waved at Santa outside of his workshop.   He later boarded the train and the kids were able to meet him and take a picture with him.  Reese was in awe of him when he walked into our train car.  Her eyes lit up and absolutely sparkled.  Brooks wasn’t scared of him this year, and just wanted to give him a hug. We all received the silver bells from Santa while on the train too.  It was truly magical!

I never want to forget how magical these years are during the holidays. I am so happy that we took the time to ride the Polar Express.  We may have to make this an annual thing! :)

The letter "R" that the conductor punched into Reese's ticket. 

Letter "B" for Brooks 

We stayed the night at the Hilton Landing.  Staying in a hotel is just about as exciting for kids as Christmas morning.  They LOVED every minute of it. They also loved going to eat at Cantina Laredo and walking around the Landing the next day. 

The next post is our FUN FILLED DAY at Silver Dollar City!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Cheer

We had another great weekend full of Christmas fun!  Reese and Brooks (along with their other 4 cousins) went to Mimi's on Saturday for her annual "Mimi's cookie baking and ornament making day." I swear, this day is looked forward to by these kiddos just as much as Christmas.  

The excitement is REAL :)  Meanwhile...we adults took advantage of a relaxing, quiet morning and went to brunch at Press Room on the square.

Afterwards, Matt and Landon went to the Shelby's to get ready for the big shrimp boil we were having that night, while the three of us girls made some serious headway on our Christmas shopping! 

The kids had a great time and were exhausted when I picked them up.  Needless to say, these pictures capture all the fun they had.  Thanks Mimi for such a great day of memories!!!

The weather was even nice enough to go on a hayride with Pawpaw.  Uncle Jimmy, Jocelyn, and Mamaw came up to join in on the fun. 

Sunday morning, we went to church.  I say it every year, but I love dressing my kids for the holidays.  It is so much fun!  Reese was especially excited because Jolly the Elf made his BIG debut!! After church we all went to lunch since Kyndall and Evie were in town. I snapped the cutest pic of the grandgirls.

That night was the boxing night for our annual Community Care Day that takes place each December at our church.  We took the kids this year, and let them help box thousands of pounds of food for those in need, as well as wrap hundreds of presents for children whose parents can't afford to give them a Christmas.  It was one of my favorite nights EVER with my kids.  Even if they couldn't fully grasp all of it, they knew we were HELPING OTHERS that are less fortunate than we are.  

I pray we can make this a yearly thing we do in order to instill in Reese and Brooks how important it is to help others. 

We're looking forward to another fabulous weekend!