Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had such a terrific weekend!!  Mom and Dad drove into town Friday for a visit.  They didn't arrive until about 9:00 that night, so Matt and I met Kyndall and Charla down at U.S. Pizza for some dinner before they rolled into town.  Saturday morning we made a HUGE breakfast here at the house and then my sweet, talented, "can do anything", MacGyver of a Dad  put up our new chandelier and ceiling fan.  Thanks to my fantastic husband for helping as well.  While the boys worked around here and did what they do best...Mom, Kyndall and I left the house and did what WE do best...SHOPPING!!  Here are a couple of pictures before we left.

My beautiful Mom

Lola and Barb

Breaking Kyndall's back

Showing off some muscles

Saturday night, we were in the mood for some good Mexican food and margaritas so off we went to Cantina Laredo.  We were laughing all through dinner!!

Dad and Mom

Kyndall and Charla

This morning we went to church for a great lesson and Bible class.  For the month of February, for "Project Love", our church is focusing on raising money for the Searcy Children's home.  Today was the final day to make contributions and I am confident that we were able to hit our goal.  I love our church and am always glad when we get to bring Mom and Dad with us.  Afterwards, we all went to Cracker Barrel for brunch and then Kyndall, Matt and I recorded one of those Hallmark books for Brynlee and Emma.  It took us a couple of takes (due to hysterical laughing) but it turned out all right.  I think those are the coolest things and now the girls can have a special little something from us since we don't get to see them everyday. 

I am always so thankful for every minute I get to spend with family.  Maybe that comes from not living very close and just enjoying every little moment together. I don't know, but it was a perfect weekend! 

I am leaving for Indianapolis bright and early in the morning for meetings all week.  The month of March is already jam packed with so much going on with work and school.  I know Matt is looking forward to spring break and I think I will be taking a couple of days too.  Hope you have a great week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Relaxation and Good Friends

This weekend was just what we needed...a lot of relaxing and having fun with some of our very good friends, Clay and Katie.  They are the type of friends that can come visit at any time, because we don't feel obligated to "entertain".  They are just as content as Matt and I are to sleep late, watch movies, take naps, eat good food and throw in a little fun here and there.  Clay and Katie got to our house Friday night and we were all pretty exhausted from a busy week, so we grabbed dinner at Alley Oops that evening and came back to the house to crash and watch t.v. 

Saturday we all slept in and I made chocolate chip muffins while we spent the morning laying around and visitng in our pjs.  We ended up going to lunch at Flying Fish and walking around the River Market that afternoon, then went to Pleasant Ridge to do some shopping for their sweet Anna Kate who is due July 14.  Matt and Clay headed to Bar Louie to enjoy a few brewskis on the patio while Katie and I hit some of the baby stores.  She racked up at The Toggery and afterwards we met Matt and Clay.  It was such a gorgeous day outside, we had to soak up a little sun.  (I must admit looking at all those baby clothes might have lit a little spark in me...I was beginning to picture buying so many cute clothes for a little Baby Fitzgerald.  But...not QUITE yet! :)

At Bar Louie

Open your eyes Clay... :)

Saturday night we went to eat at Loca Luna for dinner.  LOVE THIS PLACE and I often forget about it because it's tucked away down on Cantrell.  After a fabulous dinner we headed back to the house for some more watching movies and lying around.  We went to church Sunday morning and enjoyed Bible class, then took Katie and Clay to YaYa's to experience their fantastic brunch.  They left shortly after, but we had the BEST time with them here. 

You might be reading this and thinking..."Good Lord, all you did was eat this weekend"...yes, you are correct.  That is why I ran two miles last night and will be running again this afternoon.  My stomach was literally aching before bed because it is not use to consuming so much food in one weekend :)   I am working from home today (taking a little break right now) and ate a turkey wrap with raw veggies for lunch.  This girl has got to get toned up for HAWAII!!  (Too bad those 4 boxes of girl scout cookies will be of no help!)

Hope everyone is enjoying President's Day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Matt and I celebrated V-day at Sonny Williams last night.  We got dressed up (which I love to do) and enjoyed steaks, wine and great music.  I am so thankful for this amazing man in my life and couldn't imagine my life without him.

This day was also extra special because we met some of our best friends' sweet baby boy.  William Ross Davis was born on Feb. 13 weighing in at 7 lbs. and 19 inches.  He really is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen.  We are so happy for Clint and Sarah and can't wait to watch this precious litte guy grow!!

Matt and Clint - best friends since they were born

Proud Papa

It was a great day full of many blessings!!  We're looking forward to a fun weekend with Clay and Katie coming to visit!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Weekend Full of Fabulous Friends

We had such a great weekend around here.  Friday night the roads were mostly clear so Matt and I went to dinner with Clint and Sarah at Bossa Nova.  It was my first time to eat dinner here and it was delicious.  It's brazillian food with a kick...very good!  We just received a phone call that their little guy, William Ross Davis arrived TODAY at 2:23 p.m.  We are SOO very excited for them and cannot wait to meet this sweet baby.

Saturday was a little out of the ordinary because Matt didn't have to study. (It was SO nice!)  We slept in, got up and ran to the grocery store and then met Joe and Rachel for lunch at ZaZa's.  Joe Crabb is one of my best friends in the world (he is the reason I met Matt :)  We had the best time catching up with the two of them.  Afterwards, we went to buy Matt some new Raybans, tennis shoes, etc. We came home and went for a run at 3:00.  Well, needless to say that 6 months out of the running habit (I can never run in the winter, it's just too cold for me) has really hurt me.  We did a short two miles and I had to stop once and walk for a bit.  I was pretty disappointed, but I'm anxious to get back into the groove of running daily. 2-3 miles is my goal at 5X a week!  Wish me luck! :)

Saturday night we went to dinner with a dear friend that I haven't seen in 8 years.  Colby Martin!!  He, Kyndall, Charla, Chance, Matt and I had a wonderful dinner at Sushi Cafe' (never disappoints) and then headed down to Ferneau.  I also got a phone call Saturday afternoon that a very good buddy of mine who is in the Air Force and use to be stationed in LR was in town visiting...Jason MacAfee.  I haven't seen Jason in at least three years, so it was a fantastic night of reminiscing about old times and catching up!  Below are some pictures of everyone at Ferneau.

Colby and Me

Chance, Charla, Kyndall and Colby


So good to see Ginger and Jeremy

J Mac finally made it!

3 peas in a pod

It was such a great weekend of making more memories with friends that I will cherish for a lifetime!  We are getting ready to start another busy week.  I am so excited that tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!  I am off to watch the Grammy's and read my new magazine in bed (yes, I know it's 7:30 :)  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Totally Random

Well, we've been going non-stop around here and are actually enjoying the snow day.  I think we have around 6" here in Little Rock right now and apparently the snow is not supposed to stop until 8:00 tonight...we'll see!  It's been a productive morning though...I had a conference call, finished up some emails, have cleaned this house from top to bottom and caught up on laundry.  It's a great feeling!! Below are a couple of things that have been keeping us busy around here :)

Way To Go PACKERS!!!  We went to a SuperBowl party at Ryan and Heather's on Sunday night and enjoyed some fun time with 8 fabulous couples and some sweet kiddos.  We were all going for Green Bay, so it didn't get too ugly :)


This is a HUGE deal!  As a Baptist Nursing Student, you are required to pass this nursing exit exam before graduation.  Matt took it for the first time yesterday and passed with flying colors!!!!  (I don't want to brag...but I will...his score was in the top 20% of students who take this test nationwide and I couldn't be MORE proud!)  We celebrated with a nice dinner at Bravo last night.  They had live jazz music that played while we enjoyed a bottle of wine and some delicious food. 

Yes, I know my birthday is two months away, but I am already trying to think of an excuse to buy the following ;)

The Nook Color - I am thinking that I could use this when we go to Hawaii :)

We have a James Avery Store opening this month in Little Rock and I love this vintage pearl ring.  I never wear rings, so it's something new for me. Simple, but elegant.

I am also loving these Burberry sunglasses.  I would like a new pair soon even though we haven't seen the sun around here for days! 

Below are a couple of pictures I snapped on this snowy afternoon in the Rock...
Matt outside with our neighbor Alex and his sweet girls, Lindsey and Lauren.

Jovie wishing she could be out there

This is how people have been getting around today...

Lindsey and Lauren sledding on the street

The Jovester standing in the middle of the road.  She and I lasted a whole 10 minutes.

Kyndall just got to our house...she couldn't make it to her house in the Heights tonight so we'll be having a little slumber party.  Our house is much closer to the hospital than hers, so it's worked out well.  I'm just glad she is here safely.  Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

Well, I got up this morning and headed to Hot Springs to work, only to find that the snow was sticking to the roads faster than I ever expected.  I slid a couple of times and that was enough for me to call it a day.  I got home (Matt didn't have clinicals today) and we spent the day hanging out here at the house.  I have FINALLY figured out how to change the background of my blog (thank you Amanda) and had a little bit of fun with that today.  (I use to love these conversation hearts on Valentine's Day.)  Speaking of the holiday that people either love or hate, what are your plans?  I am looking forward to a very quiet dinner with Matt on the 14th. We have dinner reservations at Sonny Williams downtown at 7:30.  Can't wait!!  I am looking forward to dressing up and just enjoying a special night with my sweet husband. 

Anyways...I have decided that snow days are great, when they come one day at a time.  I know my mom and many friends in NWA are going stir-crazy (and I would be too.)  I think we got just the right amount of snow in Little Rock.  The roads should clear up tomorrow (we have a high of 43) so we should be able to get out.  Mom and Dad were supposed to come stay with us this weekend, but we've postponed that since NWA received more snow today.  Tomorrow I have a lunch date and a to-do list full of retail therapy, so here's to hoping for clear streets :)  I am thankful for today though.  I was able to catch up on emails, enjoy a two-hour nap with Matt, and curl up to watch a couple of movies.  It was perfect!
Hope we don't get the snow and ice they are predicting on Sunday.  I am looking forward to our Super Bowl party in Benton.  I guess we'll see...
Tonight, I am going to enjoy a fabulous Friday night at home.   We're cooking breakfast for dinner, and watching another movie.  Hope everyone is staying warm!  Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough of These Girls...

WOW!  The temperature here has dropped into the low 30's this afternoon and it is COLD!  How was it 70 degrees here 3 days ago?!?  I can't complain too much, at least we are not in the middle of some blizzard like my family is back in Rogers.  Speaking of Rogers, we had a great weekend there, starting when we made it into town Friday night.  We went to Mom and Dad's, they picked up pizzas and Landon and Brandi came up with the girls.  We had a blast playing, watching movies, and loving on these girls. 

Miss Emma is growing like a weed

So happy with Uncle Matt

Aunt Bee and BC

Being around this munchkin makes all your worries go away!

Emma Grace is sitting up all by herself


Loving on Uncle Matt

EG has two teeth now!

Brynlee giving her Daddy a hug (she stayed for a slumber party at Mimi's)

I was so tired Friday night so as soon as Brynlee was down, I turned in.  Saturday morning, Kyndall woke up not feeling good (bless her heart) and Mom ran into town to get her meds so I was the one entertaining.  It was such a gorgeous day, we spent most of it outside.

Climbing trees, or me holding her up in one :)

Pulling me in the wagon

Sidewalk chalk when Mimi got home

Rocking on the front porch

Saturday night, we went to Nick Honea and Nora Crow's baby shower at the Woodruff's.  It was so good to see so many people and we had the best time. (I forgot my camera, or else you know I would have pictures:)  We are all very excited for little Hudson's arrival!!

We got back to Little Rock Sunday evening after a great morning at Bentonville CofC with my family, followed by an unbelieveable lunch. (Sooo good Mom!!)  This week is off to a great start.  I had Monday off work and spent the day catching up on things around here.  Tonight we are going to be curled up inside staying warm, cooking steak fajitas, and enjoying some 'Parenthood' (love that show)  We're looking forward to the weekend, Mom and Dad are coming in town to visit.  Hope everyone's having a great week!