Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Heavy Heart

Over the last couple of days my heart has been so heavy for some friends going through something I cannot begin to imagine enduring myself.  I know that I have so many blessings to be thankful for, however when I know someone who is going through such pain, it consumes my thoughts and I feel like I can't pray enough.  My heart literally hurts to see people I care about going through so much.  I know God has a plan that is far greater than any of ours (for each of us) but sometimes it is so hard to begin to see that plan with human eyes.  I find myself always praying to God that I trust him, and I know he has a will, yet sometimes I have no problem voicing to Him that I don't understand it.  I think he's okay with that....  God knows sometimes we won't understand, that's human nature, but as long as we continue to have faith that he will take care of us and continue to seek Him, he will guide us.

I just left AR Children's Hospital, visiting Patrick and Meredith Woodruff.  Their baby boy, Miller, has SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) and has been given very little chance for a long and healthy life.  I am amazed at the strength they both have and know that God has a great plan for this wonderful family.  But that doesn't make any of this easier.  I ask that each of you pray for the health of Baby Miller. God has worked miracles in so many people's lives and I believe that Miller can be one of those miracles.  Please pray for Patrick and Meredith (and their families), that God will give them strength during this tough road ahead and that he will wrap his loving arms around them.  I also pray for myself and other friends/family, so that we all can be the support system they need.  God is good and Patrick and I just had a conversation about the fact that this world is not our home, there is a Heaven for all of us to go home to one day, with no pain, no sorrow, no disease, no hurt, just laughter and love and so many things far greater than we can imagine.  This thought is what gives me comfort in a world full of uncertainties.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

I love the weekends, they are just NEVER long enough!!  We had a busy week (for some reason they keep getting busier) so I think Matt and I were both looking forward to being at home and getting a little R&R. 
We started Friday night with dinner on the patio at Bravo and then I talked my oh so very kind husband into going to see the movie "Water for Elephants".  (SUCH A GOOD SPORT)  If you haven't read the book, it's great, and I would recommend reading it before the movie because as most people know, the books are ALWAYS better than the movies.

I love Reese Witherspoon in anything!

Saturday morning, I slept until almost 10:00.  (I have got to quit staying up late reading my Nook Color, it's causing me to lose sleep)  When I got up Matt and I started working on the yard. The storm that past through a week ago uprooted one of our trees in the backyard, and because of all the rain we haven't had a chance to get out there and fully clean it up.  Paul Bunyan a.k.a. Matt used the chain saw to cut it up (I was rather impressed...this tree is close to 40 feet tall).  We were very lucky that it didn't fall on our work shed, deck, or fence, just right into the middle of our yard.  Thankfully it's all cleaned up now.  On a brighter note, our rose bushes are absolutely gorgeous this time of year.

That afternoon Matt had to study so I spent the afternoon shopping with my favorite sister!  We had a full afternoon of fun and found lots of goodies!  That night we had reservations at Bonefish to celebrate my birthday with some of our close friends since we were out of town last weekend.  It was a perfect night!

Love a good bottle of wine


Love my David :)

The whole gang

Singing Happy Birthday

Best girlfriends in the world...a gift card to one of my favorite boutiques!!

The love of my life

Afterwards, a couple of us went across the street to Bar Louie for a cocktail. 

I say it often, but I am so thankful for wonderful friends! 

This morning we had a fantastic sermon at church and Bible class. Easter is such a special day to all of us who believe that Jesus was crucified for our sins and then rose again.  What an amazing gift he has given each and every one of us!  I am so thankful for God's blessings and the greatest blessing of all, his Son.

I have to post this sweet picture my mom sent me of her and Dad with the girls this morning. I love it!


I am flying to Dallas tomorrow morning for work so I have got to get packed.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy a beautiful Easter Sunday with those you love!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Weekend!!!!

Some say that birthdays aren't that big of a deal the older we get and although I think there is some truth to that, I sure had a family and MANY friends that made my 31st birthday one to remember.  I like to think that it's ok to take a couple of days to celebrate my birthday :) and it all started on Friday afternoon when I met Kyndall and Jules for lunch at The Pantry.  Well, little did I know that my dad was driving through Little Rock on business and surprised me by joining us.  We sat on the patio and had a delicious lunch and just enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine and the company. 

I decided that I wanted to go to Rogers for my birthday, so Matt and I loaded up and headed to NWA.  We went straight over to the Honea's for dinner.  My parents and Nick and Nora joined us and I FINALLY got to meet/hold their sweet bundle of joy, Hudson!!  He's perfect and going to be GORGEOUS!

Saturday...Mom, Matt, and I got up and went to get donuts, then headed to Landon and Brandi's house.  Brandi was going to a wedding in OK with her parents so we watched the girls all morning.  I can honestly say that I cannot think of anything more perfect than getting up on a Saturday morning and spending time with those two sweet faces!  I love them so much!!  Here are a couple of pictures from our day!

Brynlee cooked us a little bkfst in her kitchen :)

She and I were having too much fun shooting plastic eggs (don't ask)

This is Emma's face when you say SMILE!

We played in the princess tent too (I love Brynlee's smile in this picture!)

That afternoon, Matt and Landon watched the girls while Mom and I went shopping at Mason's.  I found this adorable Yumi Kim dress, but they were out of a lot of things in my size, so...maybe next time?!

We picked up my Nook Color that I have been wanting, grabbed dinner, then headed back to Landon and Brandi's.  I loved spending the afternoon with my mom.  It was all about our time together and I LOVE those kind of days.  We had so much fun!!  Here are a couple of pictures of everyone that evening...

Landon helping Brynlee practice her swing :)

So sweet...

Paw-paw with Emma

Mimi and Emma Grace

Sunday morning, Matt surprised me with this beautiful James Avery ring before church.  I love it and I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life!! 

After church, we all went to the farm and Mom and Dad made a FANTASTIC birthday dinner.  It was delicious as always.  We had my favorite chocolate chip cake too!  The weekend could not have been MORE perfect! 

Monday started out with a bang!  This week is going to be so busy, but we did however find time to squeeze in a little post-birthday dinner with Kyndall and Charla at Sushi Cafe' last night!

A great start to the week!!

We are going to be super busy the rest of this week but I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday with some of my closest friends Saturday night.  We have dinner reservations and it's going to be a blast!!  Hope you all have a great week!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Volunteering, Birthdays and a Visit from Kayla

This weekend was one of those weekends that you just don't want to end!!  As I am typing, I am thinking about how I still have so much sleep to catch up on.  I woke up tired this morning, but wouldn't change it for the world.  Friday was low key for us.  I talked Matt into accompanying me to the mall (like any man he detests that) to buy him some more summer clothes. :)  My bribe was pizza at ZaZa's afterwards.  He was in!!  Saturday morning we got up early to participate in the Tour de Cure here in Little Rock.  It is for patients with diabetes.  We worked with the American Diabetes Association and represented Eli Lilly. 

Part of my team, Marcus and Rhonda

I have the best husband who always supports me at my work events :)

Saturday afternoon, Matt and I went to eat dinner and enjoy the patio at BRAVO!  We love that restaurant and it's so close to our house.  Kayla Beth arrived in town around 7:00ish and I was so excited to see her.  Kayla is one of my cousins who's living in Dallas and has just landed her dream job working with Proctor & Gamble in Manhattan.  She will be moving in a couple of weeks and will be working with two of the biggest stores in NYC...Saks and Bloomingdales!!  I am SOO proud of this girl and cannot wait to plan our first girls weekend to visit.  She spent the rest of the weekend with us and I cannot begin to describe how much fun we had!  We spent Saturday night out, celebrating Rachel's birthday (Joe's girlfriend) at Diversions.

Me and the BiRtHdAy girl!!

Just like old times...

Ginger and Jeremy

Joe and Matt

My old neighbor Tim came out to celebrate

Kayla with the boys

Sunday morning we took Kayla to YaYa's for brunch and then (after a short nap) met Kyndall and Ginger on the patio at Cantina Laredo for the afternoon.  It was such a gorgeous day, we had to soak up some sun!!

After being at Cantina for most of the afternoon, we decided to swing by the Fountain and say hello to some friends and then ended the night meeting Jeremy and Matt at U.S. Pizza for some dinner.  It was the best day and I cannot tell you how sore my stomach muscles are from laughing so hard!!

Take #1

Take #2

Take #3

And finally we're all looking at the if only Matt didn't have his finger over the flash :)

Weekends like these are the best!!  We reminisced about old times and made so many more memories.  I can't say it enough...Kayla, I am so proud of you and know that God has many great things in store for you in New York City.  You are getting to do what so many girls dream of doing and you're going to ROCK at it!! LOVED OUR WEEKEND TOGETHER!!

Hope you guys had a great weekend too.  This girl is heading to bed...maybe after 10 hours of sleep I'll feel refreshed! :)