Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

I can't get over how blasted hot it is outside!!  For all of you who get to spend your days in the air conditioning...consider yourselves very blessed!  It's hard to look professional when you are in and out of your car over 20X a day, lugging around samples/product information/education, trying to keep a smile on your face while sweat is literally dripping down your back.  I will NEVER complain about the cold weather again!!   Most days I LOVE my job, but when the heat index reaches 108, it's just plain miserable!!! 

However, despite the H-O-T weather, we have had a really nice week.  As I said in the last post, Matt passed the N-CLEX, and is so excited to be done with EVERYTHING.  It makes me happy to see him come home after work and be able to watch ESPN or spend his days off doing whatever he wants to do, instead of studying all the time.  Monday night, we went to Bonefish to celebrate!!

Kyndall joined us, of course.  She was an essential part of our support system!

Tuesday night I walked in the door around 8:00 from work, so needless to say I was WIPED OUT!  Last night, we went to the Fountain to celebrate Chance's 40th birthday!  Corie put together a great little party on the patio and we had a fun time celebrating sweating in the 110 degree weather. 

The BIG 4-0!!

Happy Birthday Chance!!!

Yes, this is a cake.  His beautiful wife, Corie, made it for him (and those are butterfingers in the "toilet".)

Never a dull moment with our group of friends :))  I hope you've all had a great week.  Happy Thursday!!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

A Working Weekend

Is Monday already here again?!?  The weekends are never long enough, but oh how I enjoy them!  Matt had to work this weekend so I only saw him in the evenings, but the good thing about his job is that he only has to work one weekend a month!!  So, since he was at the hospital, I was trying my best to be 'Productive Polly'.  I didn't get too carried away, but I did get A LOT done around here. 

Friday night after Matt got home we went up to Khalil's Irish Pub for Heather's surprise birthday party.  We didn't stay very long since Matt had to be up again so early on Saturday, but we did enjoy catching up with everybody!


All the handsome fellas

All the ladies...

Silly girls :)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!! 

I am officially getting back into the groove of working out.  Saturday morning I ran 4.5 miles at the gym.  That afternoon I was a mad woman with all my organizing.  I put all Matt's nursing school books in tubs and labeled them, I cleaned out the garage and got all of my work stuff put on shelves and labeled, I bought a cork board for the kitchen to keep all of our invites, work schedules, etc. in order.  And after all that was done, I headed to the pool with Brittney.  She is new to our team here in Little Rock and I already LOVE this girl.  We had the best time getting to know more about each other while soaking up the sun and lying in the pool.  Matt and I rented a couple of movies and cooked dinner that night.  I knew he would be exhausted after two 13 hour days. Needless to say, he didn't make it through the first 10 minutes...poor guy!

Sunday, after church, I met Brittney for brunch at 1620 and then we headed out to shop for a bit.  I can already tell the two of us will be dangerous  have lots of fun shopping in the future. 

And one more VERY EXCITING thing that happened this weekend...MATT PASSED THE N-CLEX!!!! HE IS A LICENSED RN!!

AGAIN...I am so proud of him!  Now that he is completely finished with everything, he can focus on other things (like those really important golf lessons he's been wanting to take :).  We've got a busy week planned...hope everybody had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Whole Lot of Catch Up!!

WOW!!  You can always count on us to be staying busy!!  Last weekend we were in Monroe.  We got to see Jack, Em and the kids before they headed off to FL on Saturday.  The rest of our weekend was spent enjoying time with Matt's mom and dad.  I LOVED sitting on the back porch overlooking the bayou, listening to the fans hum and reading my nook. It was a perfect weekend!

Now let me back up a little bit.... On Thursday, July 14, my team had the opportunity to work at Camp Aldersgate here in Little Rock with children who battle Type I Diabetes.  It was an awesome experience!  We spent the day fishing with the kids down on the dock.  It was a great teambuilder for us as well, since we have so many new members.  We also got a chance to meet Kris Freeman, who is an Olympic cross-country skier for the USA team.  He has diabetes and is a spokesperson for Lilly.  

Our team with Kris

Mark was reeling in catfish right and left!!

Steph and Rhonda

Marcus helping this sweet guy catch some fish

I had to get this picture...Nicki had never seen a catfish. (She's from Ohio.) As soon as she reeled one in, it pooped all over her shirt and hand!  I was dying laughing, she was such a good sport! :))

On another exciting note, Clay and Katie (our good friends from Shreveport) welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Annah Kate on July 15.  Weighing 7.9 lbs and looking exactly like her mama!!!

We can't wait to meet her!!!

Tuesday night, July 19, we got together to celebrate Julianna's birthday!!  Jason grilled steak kabobs with potatoes, and bread.  And of course we sang 'Happy Birthday' and enjoyed some ice cream cake too.  Julianna is one of my closest friends in the world.  I love this girl and would do absolutely anything for her.  It was a perfect night, sitting on the patio, eating dinner with great friends. 

Eva, Julianna's sister was in town with her little girl, Cecilia!

Rinn and Ceci loving some ice cream cake

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

A little after-dinner drink on the patio....

I think this was our last picture.  By this point, we were all just gross and sweaty.

It's been a busy week and truthfully, I can't believe it's just Wednesday!!  COME ON FRIDAY!  Matt is working 3 days on this weekend, so I have a list of projects that I am going to get done around here. 
Happy Hump Day!!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Lazy Weekend

This weekend was so nice!!  I think after being gone on vacation, two busy weeks at work, and celebrating the 4th, we were glad to have a few of days with nothing planned.  These are a couple of my favorite things about this past weekend....
  •  Dinner at ZaZa's Friday night
  •  Sleeping in until 10:00 Saturday morning
  •  A massage and mani/pedi
  •  Date night with Matt at the movies (we saw Horrible Bosses and it was HYSTERICAL!!)
  •  Church service/Bible class
  •  Sunday night devotional

Overall it was a chill weekend, and we needed one of those.  This week is busy as usual, but on an exciting note...Matt starts his new job this week.  He begins orientation today at the hospital and already has his work schedule through August.  I know he's excited!! 

I have done my cleanse now for four days.  I have lost 5 lbs. and am not going to continue the remaining 7 days.  All I have to say is, boy does it work!!!  I haven't been very hungry (except for the first day) and actually didn't mind the cleansing days at all.  Once I hit the 5 lb. mark, Matt said that was enough!!  I agreed.  Now the real test will be can I continue to eat healthy and keep it off :))

Before I close this post I want to ask that each of you please pray for a man at our church named Eric Stripling.  He's married to a great woman and has four children.  They found a brain tumor on Wed. of last week and removed it Friday, only to find out it's stage 4 cancer.  He is an honorable man of God and takes a very active role at our church here in Little Rock.  I know if you are like me, you each have a prayer list that, at times, can seem miles long.  However, I would ask that you add this family to yours. Our God is a MIGHTY God and I know he hears every prayer. 

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse

Well, as a few of you know I have started an 11 day cleanse today.  My brother and sis-in-law did it and lost weight and inches (and I'm not talking about a couple of lbs.)  I know what you are thinking....  Seriously, why the HECK are you wanting to lose weight?  I have gotten this question from EVERYONE!!  I am not doing it for the weight loss, but for the "cleansing" part.  I have never done a cleanse, and I'm thinking this will be good for my digestive system.  I have had one protein shake, 132 calories of food, and about 57 oz. of water today...this kid is STARVING!!!  I am writing this on my blog to hold myself accountable because already at Day One I am struggling.  I'm hoping now that I have posted this it will make me want to do this (without cheating :) 

This is what I would really like for dinner ;)

Is it bad that I am already trying to decide where I want to go eat on the day I am done with this??  I'm thinking mexican and margaritas!!!  :))

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

We had another wonderful weekend, blessed with our fabulous family and filled with LOTS and LOTS of fun!!!  I took off Friday and Matt and I drove into Rogers on Thursday night to stay with Landon and Brandi.  On our way into Fayetteville, we stopped by Curt and Sara Davis' house.  Sara cooked some delicious enchiladas and we all enjoyed a great dinner and catching up.  It was so good to see them!

Friday morning, I woke up to my two sweet nieces!!  I love these little faces.  We made some Fourth of July cupcakes to take down to the dock that afternoon.  Brynlee was quite the little helper!!

Emma Grace

Brynlee with the sprinkles (her favorite)

Can't wait to eat her cupcake!!

After naps and cupcakes, we headed down to the private dock where Landon and Brandi keep their boat for some fun and swimming.  These girls are like fish...they LOVE the water!!

Sweet little face...

A little snack before some swimming

Brynlee loved swimming with Uncle Matt

Keeping cool in the pool

Brandi's sweet niece, Kate, played for the afternoon

Landon joined the fun after work

That night we took the boat to the marina to get JJ's for dinner.  We had a relaxing night back at the house.  Saturday morning, we loaded up and went to Mom and Dad's (they drove in from Destin late Friday night).  We headed out on the lake that afternoon to enjoy their new pontoon boat!!  Our cousin, Justin, came in town for the fun too!! (Heads Up...TONS of pictures below :)

Kyndall and Charla soaking up some rays

Mimi and Brynlee

Captain Reece

Kyndall and Charla mastered the art of tubing

Pawpaw and Brynlee

Matt and Me

Matt and Justin showing off some mad skill :))

Emma taking over the wheel :)

Saturday night, Uncle Jack, Aunt Patti, Carrie, Lindsay and Michael came in town with their boat.  We ordered in pizzas and had the best time laughing, watching movies, and just being together.  I grew up being very close to all of my cousins.  It means the world to me that we are all still so close, even though we are grown and have moved off in different directions.  Our time is precious and full of fun whenever we can get together.  Sunday morning, we had a small devo at Mom and Dad's house and then we were back out on the lake!!!

Linds, Patti and Carrie

Kyndall and Justin

The littlest Captain

Double-stuffed Oatmeal Creme pies...his favorite!

Landon and Matt tubing (right before Matt lost his brand new RayBans)

Brandi, Carrie and I ready for the waves (I am SO sore today...a reminder that I am not 21 anymore)


The girls LOVED driving the boat. Sunday night we grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and just enjoyed each other's company. There's something to be said for the weekends that are full of bathing suits, no make-up, no fixing of the hair, or wearing of anything nice.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to dress up in pretty clothes, but this past weekend was PERFECT!!  :)) 

Monday morning it was storming, making it much easier to get around and head back to Little Rock.  I didn't feel like I was missing another sunny day on the water. 

Lola, Barb, Ruby and Edna

All in all, it was one of those weekends that was absolutely fantastic!  To me, family is the most important thing on this earth.  I truly cherish every minute I get to spend with any of my family (or Matt's family).  God has so richly blessed us by not only giving us a wonderful immediate family, but an extended family that I would do anything for.  Love you all to pieces!!  I hope everyone of you had a July 4th as memorable as we did!!