Friday, August 31, 2012

A Little Attitude Change

What have I been doing this week you ask?!?
Movie marathon on Monday
Lunch with Kyndall on Tuesday
Run to Target
Facial, Pedicure, Spray tan
Washed every possible thing Reese could need in the next 3 months
Lunch with Jules and David on Wednesday
Bible study Wednesday night
Lunch with Matt on Thursday

As you can see, I've tried to stay busy as we patiently await the arrival of our sweet baby girl!  This week has been a little bit tougher and I've been having a small pity party for myself over here on Cherrybrook Drive.  "Poor me, 38 weeks...can't go to the Razorback game, can't travel to Rogers next weekend for our best friend's wedding (Nick and Norah Honea), don't have ANYTHING cute to wear, can't catch my breath, don't sleep good, mild contractions, and I move at the pace of a very large cow!!!!"  Yes, these are just a few of the things I have been complaining about. 

Truthfully, I consider myself a positive person that doesn't wallow in self-pity.  Those close to me would beg to differ over the last few days.  This morning I was at my worst!  It's Friday so I should be happy, right?!?  I vented to my sis about everything above (and more) and the entire time she just listened....  She told me I am almost there, encouraged me to enjoy the last few days Matt and I have together, told me I would lose the weight in no time, and offered every bit of positive advice I needed.  About an hour ago, my doorbell rang and a man handed me a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers, from non other than my gold-hearted sister!!  As he was walking away, the mailman was walking to our door with a big box.  I was thinking it was work related, but Matt signed for it (I was in the kitchen balling my eyes out about how sweet my sister is) and I opened it up to find the 4 items left on our registry from my partner at work.  (Cue the tears again)  It was so thoughtful!!  (I hadn't even told him where we were registered!)  As I'm pulling myself together, my phone rings and it's one of my teammates in Ft. Smith calling to just check on me.  He said he saw our maternity pictures on FB and just wanted to let me know how great he thought they were and that he was thinking about us! 

As I hung up the phone, I had a moment.  A moment where I prayed for God to forgive me for being so focused on myself lately.  I then began thinking of and feeling overwhelmed with all of the blessings in my life.  Yes, I am uncomfortable and wish I could feel a little bit smaller and do some of the things I am going to miss out on in the next few weeks...but I am growing one of the most precious gifts God can give anyone.  A gift that Matt and I prayed for, for so long.  What's two more weeks out of 10 months, right?  :)

I am thankful for days/moments like these that force me to stop and look around me, to refocus on what is important.  The blessings in my life are never-ending and I am thankful for today, for the reminder that even in the midst of our "bad" days, God speaks to us.  In fact, those are often the days I hear Him best!

So this girl is going to go out tonight and enjoy a wonderful Friday night with her H-O-T husband and be thankful for another quiet dinner we can enjoy together.  Tomorrow, we will enjoy some Game Day and FOOTBALL and be grateful for one more Saturday that we get to sleep in ;)


Thursday, August 30, 2012

38 weeks!!

We had another doctor's appointment this morning and we're not dilated yet, however my cervix is beginning to thin. I gained a pound this week and my blood pressure was 99/59.  Dr. Phillips said she could come anytime, but he tends to think that we'll deliver pretty close to our due date, Sept. 14.'s to 38 weeks!!  :)

How Far Along: 38 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 21 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Of course

Stretchmarks: No

Sleep:  Sleeping is good, as long as I take a Unisom.  My boppy pillow is essential for a good night's sleep.  I have to have it to support my enormous belly.

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing her sweet heartbeat (160 bpm) and looking forward to Matt being off work for the next 5 days ;))
Food Cravings: Homemade chocolate chip cookies - not good for the waistline!!

Gender: GIRL

Labor Signs: Lots of abdominal pressure and a couple of pains every now and then.

Symptoms:  Shortness of breath is pretty much every day and she moves around all the time (jabs, punches and forceful kicks)

Belly Button In or Out:  Flat...kind of out

Wedding Ring On or Off:  My rings still fit, but I have put my wedding ring back in the box until after she is born.  My worst fear is not being able to get it off and then having to cut it off.  :/

Happy or Moody:  Happy

Most looking forward to:  Meeting our baby girl!!  I feel like everything is done and we're ready and excited!!!


These are a couple of our maternity pictures, which are amazing!!  My favorite shots are the belly pictures, however I specifically asked Kelly not to post them on facebook ;)  If anyone is interested in seeing them, you can go to her site and enter "kia" as the password.  Her site is


Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Wonderful Weekend....

Mom and Dad decided to make one more trip to 'the rock' before Miss Reese makes her arrival.  It was so mom said she wanted to see me one more time with my pregnant belly.  (Makes me sad and wish we lived closer.)  It's crazy to me that their next trip here will be straight to the hospital!! 
It was such a fast trip for them because Dad had to work Saturday morning, so they didn't arrive until 4:00.  Matt and I spent the morning sleeping in and grocery shopping.  We decided we would cook a big meal at the house so that Blake and Kyndall could come over and everyone could just relax.  Matt whipped up his famous homemade lasagna, a delicious salad, and some garlic bread.  We were planning on watching "The Hunger Games," because no one had seen it yet, however didn't get a chance to because the faucet in our kitchen sink decided to break.  So glad that my Dad was here to walk Matt through how to replace it.  (Nothing like washing all your dishes in the bathroom sink!! :)  It was a first!!
Sunday morning, we didn't make it to church.  Dad and Matt were at Home Depot when they opened and Matt picked out a new faucet head and sprayer and he had it installed within an hour.  REALLY PROUD OF MY HUBS!!!  The 6 of us had lunch at Texas Roadhouse and then Mom and Dad had to head back to NWA.  I've said it before but I am so thankful to such loving parents who work all week and will give up their weekend to drive 6 hours (roundtrip) to see their kiddos for just 24 hours!!  Love you guys so much!!!!


Almost 38 weeks...
A little friendly competition....AR Razorbacks fan vs. OU fan!!
I think we're ready....    :))

 Matt was on call last night and got called in around 7:00 for 3 cases in the O.R.  I was so bummed because I was looking forward to just curling up with my favorite guy.  Thankfully, he was home by 10 and didn't have to be back in the O.R. until this morning.  I'm making the most of our nights, just the two of us curled up quietly...they are limited ;)

I'll leave with you with some very exciting news!!  Two of my good friends delivered their baby girls this weekend.  Nicki, who I work with, welcomed her sweet baby girl on Saturday, August 25th, at 8:08 a.m.  Congrats Nick and Nicki!!!

Kennedy Grace, 6lbs. 4 oz.

And my beautiful friend, Tara, welcomed her baby girl early Monday morning, August 27th, at 3:30 a.m.  Congrats Kyle, Tara, and big brother Hudson!!

Kinsey Nichole, 8lbs. 9 oz.

We are very excited for these families!!  It makes it very real now, I think we're up next!!  ;))


Friday, August 24, 2012

Loving Some Maternity Leave

Well, I have one full week of maternity leave under my belt!!  I have thoroughly enjoyed being off of work and getting little things done around the house that have been on my to-do list for a while.  Monday and Tuesday were full of shopping.  I've been wanting a new look for our guest bedroom and found this at Dillard's.  It looks great and it definitely brightens up the room!!

I also found some cute new boots for this fall (I'm loving the fringe).  Handbags and shoes have been my favorites to purchase since I feel like a beached whale ;)

I added a Pandora charm to my bracelet in honor of football season being just around the corner!

I finally found a rose gold watch that I love.  The Michael Kors faces are just too big for my skinny wrists and I've wanted something very dainty and I grabbed this beauty and love it!!
It's been nice to purchase some things that I've wanted and just never make the time to go buy.  All this shopping has me SO VERY READY for Fall!!  Call me crazy, but my Razorback wreath is already on the front door and I put out my fall decor this week.  (In my defense, I wanted to get it all out before Reese arrives because I know there will be NO TIME to do so right after we bring her home.)
Matt was off work on Wednesday and Thursday.  (I love it when we're both home during the week!)   After sleeping until almost 9:00, we Matt did some yard work on Wednesday and then we enjoyed dinner at Whole Hog before Bible study that night.  It's been a while since we've been to our life group, only because Matt's usually working Wednesday's and by the time I get home from work, I'm exhausted.  It was great to see everybody and was a good night of fellowship!
Thursday morning, we had our 37 week appointment.  Once again, no dialation and no thinning of my cervix, but Dr. Phillips seems to think that she'll make her big debut in a week or two.  He just keeps talking about how low her head is.  Blood pressure was good and no weight gain...but I am expecting the lower abdominal pressure to increase quite a bit this week.  In the meantime, I spent the afternoon at the spa while Matt was at the gym.  I made a yummy pot roast for dinner and we curled up to watch The Hunger Games for the evening.  SO NICE!!
Friday, I met Kyndall for salads at Zaza's.  We don't get to do that very often, and it was a perfect start to my day!!  After lunch, we went shopping (something she and I do fabulously together!)  I picked up a new black bag and have been wanting some new, cute and comfy leopard print flats.
By Urban Expressions and found at local boutique, Tulips.
By Antonio Melani...LOVE!!
After hitting up Sephora, we decided enough damage was done.  :))  I love spending time with my beautiful sister and today was the perfect start to my weekend!!  Matt is working the late shift in the O.R. tonight so this girl is going to kick her feet up and spend the evening relaxing!!  We're looking forward to a nice weekend with my parents.  They are driving down tomorrow for "one last hurrah" before Reese arrives.  ;))

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Maternity leave has begun and it's still crazy to me that I will not be working for the next 16 weeks (if all goes as planned)!!  I must say that I am impressed if you are still taking the time to read our blog.  I feel as if it's become so boring.  I guess the word isn't boring, but just DIFFERENT.  I have gone from the young, married girl who enjoys lots of fun with her husband and blogging about the vacations, the nights out, etc., to the soon-to-be Mom who will be posting all about the milestones my child achieves, constant pictures, and probably many frustrations.  I have to say that I am excited about this change!!!  I love reading about all of my friends and their beautiful families, now Matt and I will soon have a little family of our own! 

Since being off of work the last couple of days, I still find myself checking email and texting my boss to make sure things are going all right with some of my big writers.  NO, (don't worry people) I will not do this when the baby arrives, but for now I feel like it keeps me in the loop and a little bit ahead of the game for when I have to come back to the field.  I've enjoyed doing some little things this week that I just haven't made time getting last minute blankets and outfits monogrammed for Reese, buying new decorative pillows for our master bedroom, taking shoes to get polished and resoled, getting all the fall decor ready to put out.  (I am LOVING the fall candles that now make my home smell so delicious!!)  As you can imagine, the list goes on and on....

Our weekend started off with our maternity pictures (taken on Friday morning).  I wish I wouldn't have waited until we were 36 weeks (just because I feel ENORMOUS...I totally procrastinated on that one.)  However, Kelly did such a great job and I am super excited to see how they turn out.  Matt and I enjoyed lunch on the patio at Zaza's afterwards and then we ran a couple of errands.  We grilled steak kabobs for dinner and curled up to watch movies.  I needed a night in to rest, I haven't been sleeping well at all and it was great to kick my feet up. 

Saturday, Matt was going to play golf, but we woke up to rain, thunder, and lightning.  I was thrilled, and loved lying in bed sleeping until 9:00.  We desperately needed the rain.  We had a busy morning of grabbing groceries, going to Target, and running around. Saturday night, we had a date at Sushi Cafe'...yes, we love that place and just can't get enough of it!!  (Our date nights have continually increased, as we are trying to soak up as much time as we can...just the two of us!) 

Today, we went to church and then enjoyed brunch at Vieux Carre with Jason and Jules, Sam and Heather, and Lewis and Shelly.  Love our crew and it was great to spend a couple of hours catching up with everyone.  It's going to be a rather lazy day around here.  Tomorrow our housekeeper comes, so I suppose this girl will get out and do some shopping!!  I'll let you know what I find!! :))

Hope everybody had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

36 Weeks

Holy Cow!!!  I cannot believe we are now 36 weeks!!  We just got back from our OB's office and this kid isn't dialated at all yet, nor is my cervix thining.  My favorite part of our appointment was getting to hear the sound of that sweet and precious heartbeat!!  Blood pressure was 107/65 and we had no weight gain.  We'll be back next Thursday!!


How Far Along: 36 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 20 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yes, and I can't wait to get out of them!!

Stretchmarks: Nope

Sleep:  It's good when I take a Unisom, but I'm trying not to take them every night.  I didn't take one last night and only slept for about 6 hours.  Just can't turn my mind off!!

Best Moment of the Week: Going on maternity leave!!!  This girl won't have to worry about work for a while ;)

Food Cravings: Not really

Gender: GIRL

Labor Signs: Braxton-Hicks contractions have picked up...having a couple a day now but they only last for about 20 seconds. 

Symptoms: Acid reflux still bothering me...I am eating several small meals a day and that has been helping. Tums are my best friend at bedtime.  

Belly Button In or Out: Pretty much still flat

Wedding Ring On or Off: On

Happy or Moody: Happy

Most Looking Forward To:  Enjoying the next 4 weeks (hopefully) and settling into my "nesting" phase.  Also looking forward to our maternity pictures tomorrow!! 

Can't believe we will meet our BABY GIRL in 4 short weeks!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, it was another laid back weekend around here!!  It's crazy how much we are getting done though, since we aren't doing anymore traveling and I don't feel like really being out and about very much.  Almost 36 weeks of being pregnant will do that to you when it's 95 degrees outside. :))

Friday night, Matt and I decided to go to a quiet, romantic dinner at Cafe' Prego.  We really didn't "celebrate" our anniverary on August 1, so we decided Friday was a good night to do so.  It was always!!!

Saturday, Matt got up early to play golf and I slept in, enjoyed a leisurely morning, and started washing some of Reese's clothes, blankets, sleepers, etc.  I actually got a lot accomplished!!  (Everyone keeps saying they think she's going to come early, which has me a little paranoid about not having everything done....)  I did pack my hospital bag this weekend and have her bag ready as well.  There's a list on the fridge (for Matt) too.  The great thing is the hospital is only 2 miles from our house, so if we forget something, it shouldn't be a big deal. 

The rest of our weekend probably sounds boring to some.  We had lunch at Alley Oops on Saturday, bought our new video camera, picked up a few Redbox movies, and just relaxed.  Sunday morning, we made it to early service and spent the remainder of the afternoon around the house.  I am getting excited/nervous/what am I going to do with myself feelings since I only have two days left of work before my maternity leave begins.  We have our 36 week appt on Thursday and will start going weekly now.  It's crazy to me how this pregnancy is beginning to come to an end.  Where did the last 9 months go?!?! 

I am hoping to get some things done around the house within the next couple of weeks and to spend some time just relaxing.  I'll keep you posted after our appt. this week.  As for now, this girl is focused on finishing up work!!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hooray for Friday!!!!   Loving that it's the weekend and this girl is almost ready to go on maternity leave.  We've got a relaxing weekend planned and that's great since this kid is now 35 weeks!!  Here are a couple of things I'm loving today!!

Little Giraffe blankets and blankies!!!  I can't get enough of these for Reese!!

ETSY!!!  Don't fall out of your chair, but this is the first week I have EVER been on Etsy.  I just don't shop online.  However, this hat is definitely being purchased for newborn pics.  I can see why people LOVE this site now.

I love these hair ties...where have they been all my life?!

Matt and I both decided we needed a good massage this week.  I enjoyed a fantastic prenatal massage yesterday and he just had a deep fusion massage done this morning.  I could go for a good massage every day!!

I met Matt today for was great, because I'm normally working through lunch.  It was a nice little change! :))

Date Night Tonight!!! 
Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

34 Weeks and Counting....

34 weeks... and I am so happy that Matt and I were able to spend this weekend around the house.  Our trip to Monroe last weekend for our baby shower was our last, we are now home for good.  I'm guessing we won't be making any long hauls until the holidays, and that will be with our newest addition in tow. :))

Friday night, we went to Yaya's for dinner with Jules and Jason, Kyndall and Blake, and David and Devon.  It was a great night and we had a lot of fun catching up.

Saturday morning, we slept in, did a little bit of shopping for Reese at The Toggery, and then enjoyed a quick lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  I picked up some adorable smocked dresses, one for this fall and another for next Easter.

Saturday night, Matt made his DELICIOUS HOMEMADE lasagna!!  I absolutely love it!!  It was nice to enjoy a quiet night at home with my favorite guy, just watching the Olympics. 

Today we went to late service (I haven't been sleeping well at all), then enjoyed some leftovers, and I've been working on thank you notes for most of the afternoon.  (I have 10 more to there IS a light at the end of the tunnel :)) 

I think that today is the first day that it's hit me that I am a GIANT COW!!!  I don't know if it was the heat, or the fact that I struggle to catch my breath, or the slow turtlish pace I constantly move at, or maybe it's just never being able to get comfortable....  Whichever it is, it caused me to have my first "I am over this" moment.  I realize that so far I've been blessed to have a relatively easy pregnancy (knock on wood)  and yes, I still have 6 weeks to go...I know!!  But I just don't like the feeling of being so big and not being able to go run or try to "work it off," or something!!!!  All in good time is what I keep trying to tell myself.

This week will be busy.  I have a meeting tomorrow and Matt will be working the 10:30a-11:00p shift through Wednesday.  However, we will look forward to another weekend of being at home and "preparing" for our little arrival.

Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Little Munchkin's Nursery

Well, we are slowly transforming our house while getting ready for our sweet baby girl.  It's amazing how much crap stuff you need for a baby, and I am looking around our house and already seeing it slowly get smaller.  I told Matt the other day that we will be looking for a bigger house within a year, I can guarantee it!!  ;))  Today, Matt was home and spent his morning putting together some of our wonderful gifts. (I will do a post on our Monroe shower soon.  I don't have the pictures yet, but it was AMAZING!!!)

Swing taking over the living room

Highchair taking over the breakfast nook

  I hear a bouncy seat is a LIFESAVER...we'll see!!

And here's our little munchkin's nursery....

This wreath was made by Elizabeth Creel from our shower last weekend, I'm keeping it on her door for a while, it's too adorable!!

I don't know if you can tell, but the walls are a light green with white trim

LOVE these owl bookends with some of our favorite books to begin reading to her

Wall paintings

I'm loving our glider!!

Thanks Lindsay-Lou for this fantastic clock!!!

Behind these doors is where Mama has a LOT of fun!!

I know...I have a problem!!  (And this is probably only half of it!)

Thanks to Mimi and Gigi (Mom and Gayle), we have our door hanger for the hospital too!!

I know that I pretty much ordered everything from Pottery Barn Kids and was not original/creative WHATSOEVER, but I'm very happy with how everything has turned out.  Now we are just awaiting our sweet little bundle.  6 weeks to go!!!!

**Sidenote - I started having contractions last weekend (not braxton-hicks contractions, low abdominal pain) and after calling my doc, he said that it was probably fine.  Thankfully, I had my scheduled 34 week appt. on Monday and I'm not dialated nor is my cervix thinning yet.  I felt much better hearing him say that.  (I really want to carry her as close to 40 weeks as possible - and not a day over :))   Dr. Phillips did say that he could feel her head, meaning she is VERY LOW.  He said that more than likely as soon as my water breaks, it won't be too long before she arrives!!  My blood pressure was still good at 101/65 and I gained half a pound. 

We continually pray for a beautiful, healthy baby and are getting more excited every day to meet her!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

Has it really been 3 years already?  Time flies when you're having fun!  I am so blessed to have such a handsome hottie with a heart of gold.  Matt Fitzgerald, you are the perfect guy for me and I love you to the moon and back!!!!  I pray God blesses us with many more years together!!