Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life Lately

We've been busy around here, but what's new?!  :))  A couple blog posts back you will notice that I said our schedule has changed a bit.  Matt is now working 5 days a week instead of 3.  There are negatives and positives to this.  We'll start with the negatives....
1) This now means Reese is going to Day School every single day.  This is probably what upsets me the most.  She was only going the three days Matt worked, even though we've always paid for the full week.  However, I've reminded myself over and over that this is only temporary and that she's only there from 9-3.  
2) Matt's new schedule is 6-3, meaning that he leaves the house a little before 6:00 and this Mama is on her own every morning.  It's been a big change, but I have to say not as hard as I was thinking.  Reese is such a good baby, she just hangs out with me while I get ready.  Matt and I have our own little routine down (diaper bag packed the night before, my clothes are ironed and set out, laundry is done for the day).  I'm rather proud of us!!
And now for the positives....
1) Matt gets off work at 3:00!!  We were use to him getting home on the nights he worked between 9:00 and 9:30, so this is such a nice change.  He gets to see Reese before bed, we get to enjoy walks in the evenings and dinner together every night!  LOVE!!
2)  He's getting paid more $$$!
3) I think he's really enjoying the GI unit of the OR.  It's so important to love your job!!
So, besides adjusting to a new schedule, this is what else we've been up to!!

LAST Friday the weather was GORGEOUS!!!  We enjoyed sitting on our patio (with an adult beverage or two) while Reese played in the jumperoo.

LAST Saturday, we were at Urgent Care at 8:00 because I could've sworn she had an ear infection.  Reese was up literally all night.  She was crying, couldn't get settled, fussy, etc.  Turns out she was fine, just congested with a low grade fever...the culprit... TEETHING!!

We love to sit up!!!

Again, LAST Saturday afternoon was great!  The weather was beautiful so we worked in the yard, Mama did some shopping for Easter, and we enjoyed lunch at Local Lime on the patio.

This little Irish wore her green on St. Patty's Day!

LOVING bath time!!

Mimi and Pawpaw came into town on Wednesday morning.  Pawpaw had a meeting in LR and Mimi kept Reese all day!!  It was so nice!  Reese had her 6 month checkup at 3:45. She was 75% in weight and 65% in height.  Unfortunately, poor baby had to get 3 shots. I think I hate it worse than she does!!  Afterwards, Kyndall and Blake came to our house and Dad treated all of us to a delicious Italian dinner at Bravo.  It was such a nice night!!  We all curled up when we got home for the new episodes of Duck Dynasty!!  #love

I worked from home on Friday and then we left for Monroe afterwards.  We didn't get in until late Friday night because of a horrible wreck on the interstate.  Saturday was spent with cousins, and we had a ball!!  Sunday morning, we went to church, ate lunch, and were back on the road.  It was a quick trip, but so much fun to see everybody.  Here are some pictures of our great weekend!!

All 5 of them!

Reese was taking it all in....

Sweet Charlie Claire and Reese (almost 4 months apart)

We love our cousins!

Playing the piano with Amie.  LOVE this picture!!

Now, back to the grind! It's going to be another BUSY week around here!!


Friday, March 15, 2013

6 Months Old

Half a year?!?  Seriously?  I absolutely cannot believe that in 6 more months, Reese will be ONE!  She is the most adorable 6 month old baby and we are loving this age.  People always tell me that as children grow older, each age just gets better and better.  I completely believe that!!  You weren't exactly thrilled to be getting your 6 month pics taken, as you are always wanting to be on the floor kicking, rolling, talking or this is the best I could do. ;))



Reese, you are so much fun and smile ALL the time.  You are such a happy baby and people at church always comment on how smiley you are.  Sydney and Latrice, who keep you at Day School tell us you are the most laid back baby in the class.  They laugh at the fact that you just stare at other babies who cry and just spend your day chilling out.  If your personality is going to be more laid back, you DID NOT get that from your Mama.  :)  Here are some of your milestones.
You continue to sit up and you are almost doing it all by yourself. 
You still don't like tummy time and will roll right over to your back if we lay you on your stomach.
The oatmeal is out the window.  We started you on squash on Feb. 23rd.  You really liked it.  However, since we added carrots on March 6 and then sweet potatoes on March 11, you're not caring for squash that much anymore.  I am excited to start trying some green beans/peas next week.  You do very good and eat baby food every night around 5-5:30 before your bath, book, bottle and bed. 

You found your tongue on February 26 and love to play with it.  You mimic me sticking my tongue out (might regret that one later) and it is so cute.

You are also mimicking noises and sounds we make.  You do this a lot when you're on your changing table. 

I am pretty sure we are starting the teething process. This past weekend, you were drooling and gnawing on your hands much more than normal.  I can't see any teeth coming through yet, but your gums are red and seem a little sensitive when I rub Orajel on them. We've used the teething tablets a few times, but what seems to really help you is Tylenol.  We give you some before bed and then another dose before day care each morning. ( I don't really want you to get teeth, I think your gummy smile is the cutest thing in the world).  #mommydoesntwantherbabytogrowup

I continue to go nuts over buying you clothes.  I love to have things monogrammed (so much so, that I am seriously thinking about purchasing a machine - I would save lots of money!)  I told Mimi the other day that I was done shopping for a while...I needed to reign it in.  Only to call her about 2 hours later, asking her to pick up an outfit I had just bought at Bella Jack's - really?!?!  Oh well, it's super cute!!  ;)

We continue to adore you and pray for you daily.  We love you so much, Reese!!! Now, if someone could just slow down time so that it didn't fly by so fast. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SOO ready for Spring....

Well, as luck would have it, the Norovirus hit our house AGAIN for the third week in a row!!  I had it 3 weeks ago, Matt had it last week, and unfortunately as soon as his parents drove in from LA on Friday afternoon, his Mom got it Friday night.  I know that Emily and her 4 kiddos have been passing it around for the past couple of weeks in Monroe, so I'm sure she picked it up and it just suddenly hit.  Sadly, they went back to Monroe on Saturday morning in hopes that Reese hadn't been exposed yet.  So far, so good!!  I PRAY that Reese doesn't get this awful bug...I think she's had her share of sickness with the RSV this year!    
We did get to enjoy a nice dinner at Local Lime on Friday before Andree' got sick and we are looking forward to heading to Monroe in a couple of weeks to see everyone.  Saturday morning we disinfected the guest bathroom and bedroom and cleaned from top to bottom.  That afternoon we went to Trio's for Chris and Charla's couples shower.  It was a lot of fun and great to see everybody.  Sweet baby girl got lots of love!  Afterwards, all three of us (plus Jovie) curled up on our big bed for a nap.  I was shocked that Reese fell asleep between us and slept for over an hour.  It was wonderful!  Matt grilled out steak kabobs, made twice baked potatoes and rolls for dinner. (ROCKSTAR HUBBY!)  It was a great night with beautiful weather. 
Collage of the shower

Sweet Ashley and Reese

The Beautiful Couple

Laza was loving on baby girl too!
Of course the time change was brutal, so we didn't quite make it to early service.  We opted for late church since it was raining and gross outside and then picked up sandwiches for lunch.  It was a relaxing afternoon and evening.
Sweet baby girl before church

We are loving our jumperoo these days

I heart this little face!
 This week has started off with a few unexpected surprises.  Matt's schedule changed at work and he will now be working 5 days (8 hour shifts) instead of 3 days (12 hour shifts).  I have some very mixed feelings about this.  In fact, it's a whole other blog post!  Check back later ;)

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kyndall's Bridal Shower in NWA

We had the best weekend in Rogers.  I took the day off on Friday and got a mani/pedi and enjoyed catching up on some errands and packing.  Matt was off work by 3:00 and we were on the road shortly after.  We got into town and met the fam (including Landon, Brandi, and the kiddos) at Colton's for dinner.  I'm sure it's hilarious as a bystander to watch all of us "try" to eat with four kids under the age of 4 at the table.  As we were driving to Mom and Dad's later that night, it started snowing.  Seriously??  I am totally OVER the winter weather. 
Thankfully it didn't stick and the sun popped out right before Kyndall's shower at 11:00 the next morning.  Blake and Matt made an afternoon of good food and a trip to Cabela's while we girls celebrated.  I can't get over what a wonderful turnout it was.  It was so good to see so many old faces from Southside and so many of our family members.  Aunt Nancie came in from TN; Nana, Patti, and Vicki came in from Tulsa; Jocelyn, Lindsay, Carrie and Kristen (cousins) came in as well.  Crystal Kelly surprised me too.  A BIG thanks to Gayle, who always throws the best parties, for hosting it at her house.  I wish I would've gotten more pictures, but guess who ran off and forgot their Canon?!  These are from the ole' IPhone....
Kyndall was beautiful!

Reese and Jack got lots of sugar!!
These are some of our cousins who came to celebrate.  And the bottom picture is my Mom and Papaw...4 generations :)
After we loaded up all of Kyndall's loot, we ALL went to Landon and Brandi's for pizza.  It was so nice to spend time with Mamaw, Papaw and Nana, and my 3 aunts.  We were entertained by the kiddos and had a lot of fun together. 
I love these kiddos and can't believe how big this guy is getting!!
I'm not sure who was more tired by the end of the day, me or this sweet baby girl.
We made an early night of it at Mom and Dad's.  It was so nice to be curled up by the fire and all cozy after such a big day.  As you can see, someone took over Mimi and Pawpaw's bed....
Sunday after church, we all went to eat at Dixie Cafe.  Afterwards, we had to get on the road and head back to Little Rock.  It was such a nice weekend though.  Kyndall and Blake got so many nice things from so many generous people and it was great to spend time with family and friends. 
Mimi with the two youngest at Dixie Cafe
We stopped in Russellville for a bottle (after little bit slept the entire way).  Reese was ready to take the wheel. :)
This week is off to a good start (besides the fact that Matt and I have both had the Norovirus this past week and have been miserably sick for at least 8-12 hours).  We are really praying that we are on the mend and all this sickness is over.  I cannot tell you how badly I want Spring to get here.  I think we are over the cold weather and ready for sunshine, flowers, and temps in the 70's.  I don't want to jinx it, but the forecast looks to be very nice this weekend.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 
I'll leave you with this sweet face, taken tonight before bathtime!!