Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Favorite Things

We've had a busy couple of days, but it's been really good.  I am leaving you with some of my favorite things about the past week.
1. Monday night, Matt grilled some chicken breasts and squash, zucchini, and other veggies on the grill - it was SO good!!!

2. Tuesday, I met my sweet sister at Orange Leaf around 4:00.  We had some yogurt and then walked over to The Toggery for these adorable purchases for Aven Reese.  (Thanks Aunt Bee for the bright colored gown!!)

3.  Wednesday, I had a gift certificate that expires this month and decided to use it to treat myself to a mani/pedi!

4.  Wednesday night, we had another great Bible study in the book of 1 Timothy at our house and then enjoyed dinner at Alley Oops with Blake and Kyndall.

5.  Thursday, I had my first prenatal massage and loved every minute of it.

6.  I found these adorable accessories that will match my baby girl's excited to get everything in the mail!!!

3 wall paintings

Owl bookends

7.  The weather in Little Rock has been amazing this week and nothing but sunshine!!!

8.  When I came home from work today I had a BIG surprise on my porch from Pottery Barn Kids....  The bedding and curtains for the nursery came, along with her monogrammed quilt!!

9.  Matt came home tonight with BIG news!!  He is leaving the Oncology floor and was offered a position in the O.R.  I am so excited for him!!  This is something he's been wanting and is definitely deserving of it!!!

10.  I am so excited to be off work for the next 10 days and be soaking up some sun right here!!

We're praying for a safe trip to Florida and back and feel blessed to have some time just the two of us before this little munchkin gets here!!! 

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nursery and Name

Our weekend was a great one!!  Of course our excitement of FINALLY knowing what we are having hasn't died down one bit.  Matt and I are still on cloud nine!!

Friday night, my Aunt Vicki and cousin Kristen came in town to stay with us.  Kristen was in town for a work event and it was great to catch up with the both of them.  We stayed up until almost midnight talking (which you KNOW is late for this gal).  Saturday afternoon we took them to ZaZa's for pizza and salad.  They headed back to Tulsa afterwards, but it was so good to see them!! 

Satuday afternoon was lazy for us.  We did a little more shopping for the baby, took a nap, grabbed some RedBox movies and stayed in for the night.  Sunday after church, we caught up on grocery shopping, took the dogs for a walk (we've kept Cedar, Kyndall's lab, all weekend), and grilled out some delicious hamburgers. 

I have been looking at different styles and ideas for nurseries and while I would like to say that I am one of those creative girls who likes to thumb through fabric and put their entire nursery together themselves, that is not me!!!  This girl works a full time job and doesn't have the time to do any of that.  However, I have found a nursery that I am in love with in which I will be copying exactly in Pottery Barn Kids. 

We have bought the Baby's Dream espresso colored furniture (which I love) so it won't be exactly like this picture, but pretty close.  We'll be painting the entire room this light colored green on the wall and honestly I think I am ordering almost everything else you see.  I didn't want anything pink (I like pink, but not too much of it) and I loved that the sheets have little owls, chicks, butterflies and trees on them.  The curtains and valance will go perfectly because our nursery has two big open windows.  Just looking at this picture makes me excited!! 

Mom and Dad will be coming in town the first weekend in June to paint and help get everything set up.  May is going to be full of traveling and vacationing for Matt and me.  So we'll be very ready to get started on the nursery in June.

We have also decided on a name....  Drumroll please...

Aven Reese

We are still trying to decide if we will call her Aven or Reese (because Reece is my Dad's name), but I figure we've got some time. 

We have such a busy week!!  You know, one of those weeks where you just focus on taking one day at time.  I just walked in the door from a ride-along with my boss and we had a great day!!  Matt's finishing up the yard and I am looking so forward to chicken and veggies on the grill tonight!!  5 days until these toes are in the sand!!!! 

Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, Matt and I had our 19 week ultrasound today and it revealed that we will be welcoming a sweet baby girl in September!!  We are OVER THE MOON!!!  I have said all along that I thought we would have a boy and when the tech told me that we would be having a girl I couldn't believe it.  (Just a little secret...I think I told myself boy all along so I wouldn't get my hopes up for having a beautiful little girl).  We are both so excited!!

I was most concerned with all the different measurements...ten toes, ten fingers, development of brain, bladder, kidneys, spine, etc.  The tech went through everything and said that our sweet girl was developing right on schedule.  She weighs 10 ounces and here are some of my favorite ultrasound pictures.  We have a ton!!

Her whole body - she's kicking one of her little legs up!!

A fist - yes, I was counting the fingers!!

I love this because she's giving us a thumbs up!!

Her sweet profile

She wasn't moving around for us much today, we had to poke at her a bit to get her to move those arms and legs.  (Maybe this means she'll be a good sleeper ;))  One can only hope, right?! 

My blood pressure today was 106/62 and my weight gain was only 2 lbs.  (6 total) The doctor says I will probably be one of those who gains considerably more towards the end of the pregnancy.  I just want to make sure I'm eating enough to keep her healthy.  Dr. Phillips went over our blood work and all the AFP tests came back negative, which is wonderful!!  We feel very blessed to have had such a great appointment!!

Now, those who know me are going to say this is of my goals is to not go crazy shopping for our little sweet pea. We are very fortunate to have 3 nieces who dress to the nine's, therefore we'll have lots of stylish hand-me-downs.  However, I couldn't help but go to one of my favorite local boutiques this afternoon and pick up these sweet goodies.  Matt went with me and picked a couple himself. 

I love the colorful Zutano brand!!
(Check out the adorable 'Baby Bump' frame in the top left hand corner that has our ultrasound pic in it...thanks Mom, I love it!!) 

This has been a fabulous birthday week!!!   There were two things that I told Matt would make my week perfect.  1) My mom had an extensive heart screening done on Wednesday and we've prayed all week that everything would come back clear with no plaque or blockage.  Sure enough, she got a call yesterday that her heart looks great!  2) We have prayed for a beautiful, healthy, baby.  We haven't cared about the gender, just that God would help him/her to continue to grow healthy and strong and today we received that fantastic news!!!!  This has been the best week and GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! 

I am also very grateful to all of you who have sent your congratulations through text and facebook.  Once again, WE ARE SUPER EXCITED!!!!

My Week Long Birthday Celebration!!!

Yes, I know 32 is no big milestone, and truthfully it didn't top my 30th in Vegas, but I figured it was my last birthday before a beautiful sweet child enters my life so I might as well make it last as long as it can!!!  :)) 

Matt and I left for Rogers last Friday and I like to think that the 'celebration' began then.  :)  We met Landon, Brynlee, and Emma Grace as well as my parents (Brandi was at a Beth Moore conference in KC) at Colton's for some dinner.  The party began shortly after when Brynlee and Emma came to Mimi's house for a birthday sleepover!!  Nothing makes me smile more than spending lots of time with these two munchkins!!  They both slept well and we played all morning on Saturday.   As usual, Uncle Matt is always a hit, if he's not in the room they both want to know "Where's Matt?" 

Checking out Mimi and Pawpaw's garden...of course, they were more interested in holding Jovie's leash ;)

Saturday, after taking them home and helping Landon get them down for naps, Mom took me birthday shopping.  Yes, I know I am 32, but you have to understand that I have the BEST MOM in the world...she has the most giving heart and even though I am O-L-D, she still does little things like taking her firstborn shopping to make me feel so special.  I ended up finding some sunglasses at Sunglass Hut, a few new charms for my Pandora bracelet, and then loaded up on some maternity clothes.  I am almost 19 weeks, and this belly continues to grow.  I was in desperate need of some clothes for work and we had LOTS of luck. 

Saturday night, our family had reservations at Bonefish.  One thing that made our night extra special is that my Mamaw just celebrated her 80th birthday on April 12, so we BOTH got to celebrate Saturday night.  We had a wonderful time together and afterwards we all went to Landon and Brandi's to enjoy some cookie cake.  And believe me, that is ALWAYS a hit with BC an EG!  Brynlee loves to celebrate birthdays and she gets so excited if someone is having one, it's the most precious thing ever!

Me and my beautiful Mamaw

The girls didn't want to sit and wait for the food, so Matt and Mimi took them outside to play.

All smiles!!


After cookie cake, they played with Aunt Kia's purse - love Emma's face...BUSTED!

My brother and his two beautiful girls

Sunday after church, Dad treated Matt and me to Fred's Hickory Inn (one last birthday meal before leaving town).  I know what you're thinking....and yes, this little peanut in my belly was very well fed all weekend!!  :)  Matt and I let the storms pass through before heading back to Little Rock.  It took us almost 4 hours due to the weather, but we made it safely. 

There is no other place I would rather be for my birthday than celebrating it in Rogers with all the people I love so much.  It was the PERFECT weekend and I am so thankful for all the memories we made.

On Tuesday, April 17th (my actual bday), I was sang to twice before 7:00.  Matt had to work but before he walked out the door sang Happy Birthday (thanks honey ;))  and then my wonderful parents called while driving into work and started singing to me as soon as I answered the phone.  *That is one of my fondest memories of my immmediate family.  When we were little and at home, they would always come in and sing 'Happy Birthday' as we were waking up, every single year.  Even as we each went away to college or moved, they still always call first thing in the morning and sing.  I LOVE to start my birthday that way!! * 

Since Matt had to work until almost 8:00, my ROCKSTAR sister took me out to dinner to Sushi Cafe'.  She gave me the sweetest card with a gift card to Dillard's, paid for dinner, and then gave us this adorable gift for Baby Fitzgerald.  She's kind of amazing!!!

It's the softest belly blanket ever!!

I received these beautiful flowers from my parents and Matt surprised me with a few gift cards to Anthropologie and Pea in the Pod.  Needless to say, I was SPOILED ROTTEN on my special day!!!

Kyndall made my favorite chocolate chip cake for Bible study on Wednesday night and then the crew sang Happy Birthday.  We all went out for Mexican afterwards.  Thursday night, because it was the first night Matt was off of work, he treated me to dinner at Cafe' Prego to celebrate.  We invited Blake and Kyndall too!! 

Overall, the week-long celebration has made turning 32 not so bad!! :))  I am extremely excited to embark on the next year with our little bundle of joy on the way.  I am so very grateful for all the blessings that God has given me through the past year and I pray that this next year is full of many more.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

It's been another productive and great weekend at the Fitzgerald house.  We're rather low-key these days as I mentioned in a previous post, but things are still busy.  After a good week at work, I cooked breakfast for dinner Friday night.  Matt got home after a long couple of days at the hospital and we were both in bed early.  (He...sound asleep and me...reading US Weekly :)) 

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at Panera and made a BIG run to Home Depot.  We spent most of the day working in the front yard.  We put more mulch down, planted three new shrubs that died last year, and another random plant.  We're slowly getting our yard ready for Spring and excited to put new sod down in May!

Our rose bushes are in full bloom and gorgeous!

Matt's new plant...I have no idea what it is, but we thought it looked neat ;)

I was beat by 2:00!!  We finished up and just in time to watch the Master's (you can guess what Matt did the remainder of the afternoon.)  We met Kyndall for dinner at Senor Tequila and called it an early night.  I was so tired!!  Once again, I haven't been sleeping well...don't really know what it is.  I guess I just can't get comfortable.  I'm not complaining, because I know it will only get much worse over the next 4.5 months, just hoping for a good night sometime soon.

We had a wonderful morning at church and then Kyndall, Matt and I went to have Easter brunch at Trio's Restaurant.  It was delicious!!  (Blake was out of town this weekend...we missed him!!)

 My mom sent me these pictures of Brynlee and Emma Grace on Easter Sunday, and I just have to share...they crack me up!!!

Mimi and Pawpaw with their two grandgirls

My beautiful Mamaw with the girls

Sunday afternoon we watched the Master's and spent the day relaxing.  It was just what Matt and I needed before starting another busy week.  He'll be at the hospital for most of the week, but we are looking forward to making a trip to NWA this weekend to celebrate my Mamaw's 80th birthday and my 32nd!!  32...WOW!!! 

I am loving my new camera and will leave you with this sweet picture of our Jovie!! 

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

16-17 weeks....

We had our 16 week appointment on Monday and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again...150 bpm!!  Blood pressure was 104/64 (nurse said was good) and weight gain was 2 lbs.  I had the AFP blood tests done and should receive the results at the end of the week.  This is the picture Matt took of me after our appt. 


Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 16w4d

Size of Baby: I think 4-5 inches (according to my books)

Total Weight Gain: 3.5 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Jeans...yes.  I have been wearing empire dresses to work and maxi dresses on the weekends.  I will soon be purchasing some maternity dress pants bc the ole' bella band is getting slightly uncomfortable.

Gender: We find out in two weeks!!!  I have been positive that it's a BOY from day 1!!  I could be completely wrong, but I'm still going with BOY!

Movement: Yes, a little fluttering once this past weekend, but it really started last night when I laid down for bed.  It felt like a goldfish was swimming in my tummy for at least 10 minutes! 

Sleep: Good, still sleeping about 9 hours a night.  Last week was awful, but this week has been better.  I always get up at least once to use the bathroom and thankfully have been able to fall back asleep easily.

What I Miss: I haven't missed alcohol at all....until last week when Kyndall and I were on the patio for happy hour.  Of course, I stuck with the virgin drinks, but it was the first time I really wanted a glass of white wine!! 

Cravings: Still drinking a pitcher of unsweet, decaffeinated tea pretty much every day.  Other than that, nothing in particular.  I have gotten picky about what grosses me out though. (i.e. - Matt grabbed Firehouse last night after my girls Bible Study and brought it home...the bread was too soggy and I just couldn't eat it.)  I instead opted for a few muffins we had in the cabinet (SO WEIRD!!) 

Symptoms: So thankful the nausea has subsided and the fatigue is getting better.  This is the second week that I have had energy and feel great!!!   The headaches are definitely more frequent, but nothing unbearable.

Best Moment: Getting to hear that wonderful sound of the heartbeat on Monday.  I absolutely LOVE it!!

We are very excited for our ultrasound on April 20.  This will be the big gender reveal.  (P.S. - Don't look for anything creative from this girl, no gender reveal party, etc.  I'll just be shouting it from the rooftops and focused on some serious shopping!! :)) I will, however, share a few baby things that make me smile this week...
My Mom and Dad bought this adorable itty-bitty life jacket at Bass Pro for the lake next summer.  We'll be starting this water baby out young!!

I know it's a little early, but I am getting ready to buy this running stroller. I hear the BOB is the best, just need to pick a color!!


Happy Hump Day!!!!!


Sunday, April 1, 2012


This week was full of non-stop moving!!  We had our new A/C unit put in on Tuesday, the "nursery" is officially bare and ready for a paint job as soon as we find out what we're having, our baby furniture is ordered and will be delivered in 4-8 weeks, Matt worked his tail off in the yard cleaning out flower beds and trimming rose bushes and hydrangeas, and in between all of that...I worked a FULL week and fit in two Bible studies, a date night with Matt, and a dinner for work!!!

And it will only get CRAZIER come September!!!
Ha!! I say this with a big smile on my face!  We may not be fully prepared, but we're bring on the CRAZY!!

This weekend has been really nice!!  Matt has had to work the last four days, so of course I've missed that guy, but have had plenty to keep me busy.  Friday night, I got a pedicure and had the brows waxed.  (I can't tell you how ready I am to schedule a massage...waiting just a couple more weeks.)  After, I met Kyndall on the patio at Bravo for some bar bites and drinks (A virgin peach bellini for this mama!!)

Saturday morning, I picked up our new EOS Canon Rebel camera (love it) and spent the day shopping.  I've been needing a couple dresses with "growing room" for work.  I had quite a bit of luck at Dillards, Indigo and LOFT.  Saturday night, I had dinner all cooked and ready to go for my sweet hubs as soon as he walked in the door.  (That's a real nice change, since I haven't felt up to cooking for the last couple of months.)  I'm so thankful that this week has been full of more energy and less nausea...I am starting to feel more like myself again!! 

This morning I got up when Matt left for work at 6:00 and did two loads of laundry, ran dishes in the dishwasher, changed sheets, went to early service at church, and bought groceries...all before brunch at Vieux Carre at 11:00 with Kyndall, David, Jules, and Jason.  However, being productive caught up with me because I just woke up from a 2-hour nap!!  WOW, I needed that!!  I'm going to spend the remainder of my afternoon taking Jovie on a two-mile walk and making some brownies for Matt. 

We have our 16 week appointment tomorrow and I'm so excited!!!  (I would love to talk our OB/GYN into letting us get an early ultrasound to find out the sex, but I have a feeling they're going to make us wait a couple weeks longer ;)  We are now moving full force into our second trimester and have so much fun planned over the next two months!!!  Matt and I are very excited to be here in just 4 short weeks....

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!