Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun In Bossier City

We had a fantastic weekend in Shreveport/Bossier City visiting our very good friends, Clay and Katie Harrison and their sweet baby girl, Annah Kate.  Matt and I drove down Friday afternoon and got to their house just in time for some dinner.  Katie and I took the Audi convertible out to pick up some grub from Newk's.  We brought it back to the house and enjoyed a quiet night catching up and watching movies!

Matt and Annah Kate - She is the most beautiful thing!!

Saturday morning, we all went to Strawn's for breakfast around 9:00 and then Katie and I headed out to do some shopping.  We brought Annah Kate with us so the guys could do their own thing.  This sweet baby girl is SOO good!!  She just smiled at everyone between her little naps.  We ate her up ALL weekend!!  After shopping for most of the morning, we came back for a nap.  All three of us (girls) slept for almost 2 hours.  It felt great!! 

Such a CUTIE-PIE!!

Saturday night, we went down to the Boardwalk for dinner at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro. We enjoyed dinner and drinks and of course...great company!!  Sunday morning, we slept in and after donuts for breakfast, Matt and I were back on the road. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we always have the BEST time with Clay and Katie!  Good friends in this world are hard to come by, and Matt and I are very blessed.  We are already planning our next trip! 

We have a busy week ahead and Matt's working this weekend.  I am very excited though (as is Kyndall), because my Mom is coming in town for a girls weekend on Friday night!!  I foresee a lot of shopping, good food, a mani/pedi, and tons of fun in our near future!!!  Can't wait!!!

Happy Monday!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Weekend Recap

Whew!!!  What a day!!  If you were one of those lucky dogs off for President's Day, I am jealous!  I was hard at work in the trenches.  ;)  I can't really complain though, the weather was so pretty today.  I just got back from the grocery store and I'm going to kick my feet up for a little while before Matt gets home from work. 

Our weekend consisted of a great time with Matt's family in Monroe.  It was so good to see everyone and we spent the majority of our time lounging around and relaxing.  Andree' had a delicious meal prepared for us when we got in around 7:00 on Friday.  Then we spent a quiet evening curled up by the fire.  Saturday, Matt and I slept until 10:00 (it is truly amazing how much he and I can sleep!!).  Sam Wyatt came over to play for a while and that night Larry made steaks, salad, baked potatoes, etc.  We had all three kiddos at the house while Jack and Emily went to a church party.  They were so good, we spent the evening watching Disney movies.  I LOVED it!!  (If you didn't know, Disney movies are some of my favorites).  Sunday, after church, we enjoyed a low-key afternoon and then Matt and I were on the road back to Little Rock by 2:00.

It's going to be a busy week here.  My work schedule is jam packed and Matt's working every day through Thursday.  I have to find time to take my car in to get fixed too. (I thought someone had hit the drivers side last week, however after my boss looked at it, he noticed that my back window, the small one behind my seat, had scratches all over it as well as scratches by the key hole of my trunk.  It is now very obvious that someone was trying to break into my car.  Obviously, they watched me go into an office, knowing I was a drug rep and had valuables in my trunk.  Personally, it creeps me out a little!  What's even worse is that my Louis Vuitton was under the seat full of everything I own.  Thank GOD they couldn't get in!!!!  Needless to say, I'm not carrying that bag in the field anymore and I'm bringing my purse in with me now.)  This world is full of lots of crazies!!!! 

On a VERY BRIGHT NOTE, I am so excited to make a big family announcement.  These two precious munchkins are expecting a sibling in July...

And today, we found out that Landon and Brandi are having a BOY!!!!  I am so excited for them and we are continually praying for a beautiful, healthy baby!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Love Story

Just a little tribute to my amazing man!!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

1. How long have you and your significant other been together? 
3 years and 8 months

2.  How did you meet?
We met at a wedding on May 17th, 2008.  He was a groomsmen and I was a guest...I know, it's kind of like a fairytale :)  The picture above was taken that night.  I was wearing his jacket because it was so chilly.

3.  How long have you been married?
2 years and 6 months

4. Where did you get married?  Big or small?
We married at Southside Church of Christ in Rogers where I grew up and our reception was at the Embassy Suites ballroom.  I'd say it was glamorous and big!!  Dinner, big cakes, ice sculptures, music, open bar, etc.  It was perfect!!! (Thanks to the best Mom and Dad EVER)

5.  Do you have any nicknames you call each other?
Our nicknames include sweetie, babe, and my favorite.

6.  Name three things you love most about your sweetheart.
1) He loves me unconditionally, every day.
2) He calms me down when I get worked up.
3) He always brings a smile to my face, especially at night when I'm saying my silent prayer, thanking God for him!!!

7.  Tell us how he proposed...
It was January 30, 2009 (yes, we had only known each other 8 months) and I had an outpatient surgery that day.  He was by my side all day and we were supposed to go to dinner, but I said I just felt like ordering in and getting ice cream.  I had on jeans, a Columbia fleece, hair in a pony tail and looked like crap.  He talked me into going with him to pick up the food and ice cream.  Little did I know the best sister in the world was at my house "setting the scene."  I walked in the door to tea light candles lighting the way to the kitchen in a pitch black room and rose petals all over the floor.  In the background 'The Way You Look Tonight' was playing quietly and there were a dozen roses on the table with a card.  I slowly walked in and opened the card, when I turned around he was on his knee with a beautiful 1.5 carat diamond!! 

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy, or strawberries, champagne and rose petals?
Definitely a flower guy, no teddy bears for this girl!!  He does a great job staying away from the regular red roses and always shows up with a gorgeous, bright bouquet, which I love!!  I'm not exactly nuts about champagne, so maybe just a good bottle of red wine. 

9.  Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop in a movie and relax on the couch?
I think I'm a little of both!  We love our time on the beach and try to spend some quality time with our toes in the sand at least once a year. However, nothing makes me happier than being at home and spending a quiet night curled up with this guy!

10.  What one thing would you like to do with your significant other one day.  If you could do anything?  Go anywhere?
I feel that Matt and I have been so blessed to vacation as much as we do.  (Cabo San Lucas, FL, NYC, Vegas, Hawaii, Chicago, CA, etc.) We've really taken advantage of our time together in just 2 and a half years ;)  If I had to pick a place though, it would be Costa Rica, Ireland, or my favorite place in the world...Italy.  I'd take him down to the coast...Positano, Sorrento, Ischia, and the Isle of Capri.

11.  What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
Matt has to work today and Thursday, we have Bible study tomorrow and are out of town this weekend.  So, reality says we'll do something next week to celebrate!!  :)

12.  Are you asking for anything?
Yes, and it's big!!!

13.  One piece of advice to keep a relationship strong and full of love.
You have to have a foundation to keep you strong.  Our foundation is the Lord. We build our relationship through him and openly communicate and put each other's needs before our own.  We love each other unconditionally.  

14.  This is what love means to me...

This is one of my favorite pictures of us EVER!!  It captures us in the moment, loving life, and loving every minute we spend together. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Concerts and Friends

Happy Monday!!  Well, I guess we really are going to get a little bit of winter weather today!  While I was out this morning working in Bryant, the snow started falling and the roads started to get a little icy.  Needless to say, this girl is now home.  I am just not one to risk being out in the field and away from home when the weather COULD get bad.  That's the one thing about my job, it's not like I can drive to an office and stay job IS driving.  Looks like I will be getting some work done from home this afternoon :)

Matt and I had a great weekend!!  Friday night, we stayed in and I cooked chicken spectacular (a yummy casserole).  Saturday morning was full of sleeping in, breakfast in bed, and being lazy.  (Probably one of the laziest Saturday's we've ever had.)  Saturday night, we went to Sushi Cafe' for dinner with Sarah and Clint and then went to see Rascal Flatts in concert!!

I have seen them before and sometimes they can be a little off key and don't sound too great.  But, Saturday night they were awesome!!  Sara Evans opened for them and was terrific as well.  We had a great time with Sarah and Clint and enjoyed good food, good music, and good company!

Sunday, after church we went to eat brunch at the Chenal Country Club with Heather and Sam.  It was so good to catch up with Heat, we've both been so busy!  We've got a crazy week ahead and then we're going to Monroe this weekend to see Matt's family.

One random and final thought...I am so sad about Whitney Houston!!  I LOVED her music and really thought she was trying hard to pull it back together.  I just hate to see someone so young and talented taken from this world too soon!!!  The Grammy's had an awesome tribute to her if you watched last night.  My absolute favorite moment of the Grammy's was when LL Cool J (the host) opened the night with a prayer.  He asked everyone to bow their heads as they go to God in prayer and remember Whitney.  I was SO impressed with that!!!  I knew I always loved me some Lady Loves Cool James!!!

Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Low Key and Loving It!!

We have been so low-key around here, and it's been really nice.  Matt had to work Th-Sun, so I took advantage of sleeping in, shopping, and spending time with my sis this weekend.  Friday night, when Matt got home, I had lasagna, veggies, and french bread straight out of the oven for him.  We curled up and watched 'Wedding Crashers' (an all time favorite) before bed.  Saturday, after sleeping in, I met Kyndall at 'Red Door' for brunch and then we spent the afternoon shopping.  Nothing too exciting...Tyler candles, a Pandora bracelet, a run to know, the necessities. ;)  I bought groceries, made a stop at the spa for a spray tan, and was home and ready to see my handsome man. We enjoyed Taziki's for dinner and were in bed before 10:00.  I know, right???  We lead a CRAAAZZY life!!  :)

There was a Superbowl Party at the Fountain Sunday night that I was going to go to, but this kid wasn't feeling good AT ALL on Sunday.  So, I opted for the couch and cheered on the Giants!!  (Truthfully, I don't keep up with the NFL and didn't really care who took home the trophy.  I do think Eli Manning is a class act though, therefore I picked the Giants ;))

This week is off to a fast start and I can't believe it's already Wednesday.  We've enjoyed quiet nights at home this week and I've been cooking up a storm.  Ham steaks and green bean casserole Monday night, roast, carrots and potatoes last night...we'll see what I feel like making tonight. :))

Happy Wednesday!!!