Friday, August 16, 2013

Our Crazy Life

I am so behind on blogging, it's not even funny!!! To say that our lives have been crazy is an understatement.  Our little family of 3 is moved into our new house in Hyde Park and we are gradually falling into our "new normal." (By the way, I love that saying..."new normal".  My sis-in-law says that with a child, every milestone and every change they make begins a new stage of life, so you adjust and it becomes your new normal.) This is so very true!!

The changes continue to flow....  I am still trying to adapt to my new territory, meeting doctors and learning a new routing.  Matt has accepted an RN position @ Mercy Hospital in the ICU and starts on Monday, the 19th.  We went to Reese's open house for Mother's Day Out last night and she will start there on Friday.  The list continues to go on.  I do feel good about the house. We have everything unpacked, now we're just trying to add little things here and there (bar stools, rugs, hang pictures, etc.).  We need to paint our little nugget's room as well.  I am telling myself that I have until September 14 to get all this done.  That will be Reese's first birthday party.  27 days...READY...SET...GO!!!!!!!

Blog posts aren't as much fun without pictures, so here are a few of what we've been up to during our recent transition.

These kids celebrated a 4 year anniversary!!  (It's been total chaos, so we celebrated with a night out and enjoyed dinner and a movie!) I tell myself that next year we will do it up BIG!  :))

Home Sweet Home

Nick and Nora were in town recently, so we all got together for pizza and pool fun at Gigi's and Papa's.  (This picture cracks me up. Swimming was a last minute decision, so Bryn and Emma swam in some of Hudson's under-roos. Hilarious!!!  This will be a picture that will come back to haunt them!!) 

I love my little running buddy!  I am trying really hard to get back into the groove of exercising. We've got our gym membership now, but the weather has been so awesome we've been outside a lot lately. 

Our little family went to Ken and Cheryl Rosenbaum's 25th wedding anniversary party.  I was the flower girl in their wedding when I was 8.  CRAZY how fast time flies!!

We love that TCBY is only a few miles from our house!!

We are falling in love quickly with the Bentonville square.  Saturday, we started our morning at Panera, then went to the Farmer's Market and bought some veggies and had a great time playing at the park. We topped it all off with ice cream at the local 50's Fountain.

Landon and Brandi brought us dinner one evening (which was fabulous).  We had a great time taking the kiddos to our neighborhood park and letting them play.