Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Hudson

One of the reasons I don't like not living in Rogers anymore is because I miss VERY SPECIAL occasions such as today!  Hudson Garrett Honea was born this afternoon to Nick and Nora and weighed a whopping 9lbs. 10 oz.  I cannot wait to meet this little guy and am so happy that mama and baby are doing great!  I am also thankful for life-long friends like the Honea family.  They are all so special to our family and I know everyone is excited to welcome this sweet little guy to the world!!

Sweet Hudson

Sunday, March 27, 2011


We have had such a fun weekend around here!  I have been off work since Thursday and have enjoyed a couple of days at home with Matt.  Thursday morning we slept until 9:00 and after breakfast spent the morning working in our yard.  We have pulled up a couple of bushes that died this winter and are going to be planting some more along with some spring flowers.  However it is 48 degrees here today, so we'll probably wait a couple more weeks.  Thursday afternoon I had a swedish massage, which was SO VERY NICE!  That evening we drove to Conway to have dinner with Jake and Lindsay Swift.  We are going to miss them so much when they move back to Indy in a couple of weeks, but feel so blessed that God allowed our paths to cross. 

Friday morning, we slept in until 9...again.  Matt left for a massage later that morning and I headed out to do a little shopping.  It was a successful day!  I found some J Brand bell bottom jeans (yes, these are totally back in style) and a dress.

And yes, Matt got some goodies too!  I met Julianna for lunch at Pizza Cafe' and then headed home to finish my little project of getting some of our favorite wedding pictures framed and mounted. Just took me a year and a half! :) 

Friday night we met some friends up at the Fountain for a drink after Kyndall was off work.  Friday was her 26th birthday and I couldn't ask for a better sister!!!  I can't imagine what I would do without her.  She is truly my best friend and I love that we both live in Little Rock and I get to see her whenever I want to.  (I am spoiled)

Lola and Barb (WOW, I need some powder for that shine)

Sarah and Julianna with us

Saturday it was so gloomy here so we spent the day napping, watching March Madness, (well I read magazines) and doing absolutely nothing.  Saturday night, Kyndall thought that Matt and I were taking her out for a quiet dinner. (She had to work Saturday morning at 6:30, so she was pretty bummed about not really getting to do a lot for her birthday.)  Little did she know we had a big group of friends in the downstairs room at Cafe' Prego that helped us surprise her with a birthday dinner!!

Love this guy

Me and the Birthday girl, ready to go to dinner.

Matt and Bee (I am totally trying to kill time taking pictures so that everyone can get to Prego :)


The Gang

Kyndall, David and Jules

Corie and Chance

Heather and Sabrina

Sarah and Joe

"I think we surprised her!"


After a terrific dinner at Cafe' Prego, we moved the celebration down to Ferneau. One of my favorite things about our group of friends is how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE to celebrate birthdays!!  GOOD TIMES!!!

Sabrina and Heat

David, Matt and Kyndall

Girl Pic at Ferneau

Jules and David

There is much to be said for good friends and WE HAVE THEM!!  It was a great night followed up by a great Sunday.  We went to church this morning and then met David, Jason, and Jules for brunch at Vieux Carre.  It's been so cold here today, Matt and I have been curled up on the couch napping.  What happened to that 70 degree weather?! 

It's going to be a busy week but we're looking forward to another FABULOUS weekend of Landon, Brandi and the girls coming to visit.  I can't wait to see them!  Hope everyone has a good week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's The Little Things In Life...

I have to post these because after such a long day they make me SO HAPPY!!  Can't wait to see these cuties in a couple of weeks!!

 Emma Grace and Brynlee Claire

Love this one!! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Is Here!

Such a great weekend!   We've been in Monroe the past couple of days and the 80 degree weather was proof that Spring has officially arrived!!  We enjoyed a whole lot of fun in the sun with three precious kiddos.  Before I get to a couple of pictures, I'll start with Thursday night.  The weather has been gorgeous here, so Lindsay and I went up to Ciao Baci for some dinner and wine that night.  She is moving in two weeks so we wanted to make sure we enjoyed some patio time before she has to head to Indianapolis.  Afterwards, in the spirit of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, (I now am a FITZGERALD and you don't get more Irish than that :) I took my handsome Irish man to YaYa's to enjoy a little time together.  It was a perfect night!!

Friday, we were off to Monroe.  We hadn't been back since Christmas (which is just too long in my opinion) because school and work have been so busy.  We enjoyed fishing on the dock, playing a little "baseball", chasing after Jovie and lots of good food.  Here are a couple of pictures of some fun in the sun.

Four years old and such a big boy

Olivia Kate and Jovie

A tired Sam Wyatt

Uncle Matt pitching to Sam Wyatt

Batter Up!! 

It was such a great weekend with family and we enjoyed every minute of it! 

Today on the other hand hasn't been the greatest day...let's just say I've had a case of the Mondays :)  The day started off with our sweet puppy Jovie throwing up on the sheets this morning.  Of course me being the OCD individual I am, got Matt out of bed, stripped the sheets, washed them, remade the bed and after all this I am now running late.  I was working in Hot Springs, trying to catch up, when low and behold...my tire blows. (Actually, I hit a curb and I mean NAILED IT...hit it so hard the tire came off the rim)  Lesson learned...PAY ATTENTION!  Thankfully I looked helpless in my dress and heels and a couple of guys put my spare on for me.  Now I am driving 50mph on the interstate (hazards on) while I am sure people are cussing me.  Long story short, I just got my car back, with new tires, oil change, new air filters, the works!  I should be ready to roll tomorrow!! 

On days like these, I am thankful for my husband suggesting we go on a walk in this gorgeous spring weather.  It did the trick and got me out of this funk I have been in most of the day.  I have lasagna in the oven and am going to enjoy a nice glass of vino after my shower.  Tonight I will be doing NOTHING but lying in bed, reading and relaxing.  Here's to tomorrow!  :)


Monday, March 14, 2011

Everyone Needs A Little R&R

Such a busy week, followed up by a very relaxing weekend!  I was in Philadelphia this past week at a Women's District Sales Managers Meeting.  It was a fantastic conference that focuses on continual growth with my company.  It's really a whole other blog in itself, so more info later...but it was GREAT! 

I was so excited to be home on Friday (even if it was 9:30 p.m. before I got home).  Eight flights in two weeks is a lot for this girl so I am looking forward to hanging around here for a while :)  Of course as soon as I got home Friday I crashed.  I woke up Saturday morning feeling refreshed...that's what 11 hours of sleep will do for you!!  We spent the morning working around the house, I cleaned while Matt worked in the yard.  It was a gorgeous day!  The windows were open, spring candles lit, a clean house, a freshly mowed lawn, a PERFECT way to start our Saturday.  Spring is in the air and we decided it was too pretty of a day to waste so we headed to Dugan's Pub downtown to have an afternoon cocktail on the patio with friends.  I can't wait for more 75 degree weather!! 

We curled up Saturday night for a movie (Due Date - pretty funny) and tried to go to bed early to make up for the time change.  Sunday morning we enjoyed services at church (I can't believe we made it to early church...YEAH US!!) and then grabbed brunch at Copeland's.  I spent the afternoon finishing "Water for Elephants."  It was SO good and I recommend it for a great read.  I always read the books before watching the movie, so can't wait for the film to come out in April.  Sunday evening Matt and I went to see the movie "Just Go With It" (Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Brooklyn Decker).  I thought it was super cute and half of it is filmed in Hawaii so it got us both pumped up for our big trip in June.  Needless to say, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Well on to another busy week, but it's going to be a good one...because I'm going to make it a good one :)  We're headed to Monroe next weekend for some R&R with Matt's family and I am looking VERY forward to it.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, March 4, 2011


I have spent the past week in Indianapolis at our corporate headquarters for area meetings.  It was a good week in regards to product focus, business acumen, etc.  But it was also a week of accepting lots of change.  I have said before how much I love my job and how I feel so blessed to be able to be part of a company who is doing so much good for many different people around the world.  Another reason I love my job is because of the team I work with.  I am sure some of you can identify, but for me, the people I work with are my family.  As a sales rep you may be working in your own territory by yourself, but you are constantly leaning on your teammates through the day.  Our district is made up of the most kind-hearted, generous, selfless group of people I have ever known and I am truly a better person because of each and every one of them.  However, we all know how corporate world is...change is adamant.  And this change reflects in the fact that so many of our team members are moving in different directions.  One of my close friends, Marc, is being promoted to another division, one of my best friends in the world, Lindsay, will be moving 13 hours away to take on a new territory, and we are losing 5 of our teammates to another area after a realignment.  You know the feeling of being so proud of their accomplishments, but selfishly wanting them to stay?  That's where I am.... Here are a couple of pictures from a great week together.

Our district with Area Director Luther Little (far left)

Our area (6 states) played 'Minute to Win It' - WE WON!! 

Me and Linz rockin' our jerseys

Lindsay winning a round

Emily, Laurie and Lindsay eating at Buca di Beppo (oh how I will miss these three)

Rhonda, Me and Johnny

All the guys

All the girls (and Matt -DM)

2010 Little Rock ROCKSTARS

It's bittersweet closing a chapter in your life. However, if we were always sad about closing chapters, we wouldn't have the time to be excited for what lies ahead.  I am excited to see the strides our new team will make this year and am thankful for all the amazing memories I have made.