Tuesday, May 21, 2013

8 Months Old

It blows me away to think that I'll be planning your first birthday in a few months!!!  Where did my baby go?!?  Once again, a little late on the post, as you were actually 8 months old on the 12th, but I have to capture each month and the sweet and precious things you are doing.
You love to play with your own hair when you take a bottle (and usually when you are really tired) and you love to twirl Mommy's hair (or anyone else who has long hair and is holding you).  I think this new little obsession is adorable!
You are still LOVING mum-mums, but have also taken a liking towards Graduates whole grain lil crunchies.  These are the things that keep you quiet and occupied when we're out to dinner.  You love to people watch and enjoy those snacks.
You're eating 2nd foods baby food now and moving on to blends.  So far so good.  I could've sworn you had some more teeth coming in, but you still just have two.  I was thinking with more teeth we would be able to explore some more foods...but not yet! 
You DO NOT like thunderstorms.  We found that out last night!!!  With the wind, lightning, and thunder, you were up every hour from 9-1.  I almost put you in bed with us.  One, for us to get some sleep.  Two, because the wind was creeping me out so badly, I was scared to let you sleep by yourself in your room.  About the time I was ready to grab you, the weather THANKFULLY calmed down.
You're wearing 9-12 month clothes.  I made myself a promise that I wouldn't buy anything else for this season.  Mama is only shopping for 12-18 month and 18-24 month.  :))
You are so curious about crawling.  You sit up so well, stretch for items out of your reach, grab them, and sit all the way back up again.  You have been putting your arms our like you want to crawl, you just haven't quite figure out how to work your legs.  I can tell the army crawl will be right around the corner. 
You stand so well (not yet pulling up on things). If we hold your hands, you take teeny, tiny steps.  You will walk from Mommy to Daddy and are so proud of yourself.  You just might skip the crawling??
You still LOVE for anyone to clap for you and say "YEAH Reese!!"  You smile so big from ear to ear.  It's one of my favorite things to watch!
Still OBSESSED with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  You flap your arms, kick your legs, and smile when you see it come on in the mornings.  I see a trip to Disney World in our future!! :))













Obviously, I think you are the most beautiful thing in the world!!  We have so much fun with you every single day!  So blessed and grateful for another month to watch you grow.  We love you Aven Reese!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was in a different setting for us this year and it was perfect!!  Since Kyndall was married on Saturday night, our entire family (who stayed at the Embassy) met for a big brunch in the lobby on Sunday morning.  We actually had a private room reserved for our whole crew, the wedding party, and Blake's family.  It was the perfect morning of great food, exchanging of cards, hugging necks, and just having everyone together. 
I was able to give cards to my Mom and grandmothers, and in return received some of the nicest cards from Reese, Matt, Mom/Dad and Kyndall.  My wonderful husband surprised me with a gift card to Scarlet (one of my favorite boutiques in LR).  I was pretty impressed with him!  He had heard me mention wanting a certain piece of clothing from there and purposely bought the gift card for that item.  He Reese also had a little something for me when we got back in town on Monday.  Again, my husband remembered me saying that I would love something like this and he went out on his own and found it.  *BIG BROWNIE POINTS FOR LISTENING SKILLS MY LOVE*
Overall, it was a great day!!  Sure, the gifts were perfect and I loved them, but mostly because I was able to be with so many people that I love.  Especially this beautiful little 8 month old girl who has stolen my heart!!! 



Sweet girl with her little gift...new favorite necklace!!!

I hope all the mother's out there had a terrific day too!!


Thursday, May 16, 2013


There are not many occasions when my ENTIRE family is together.  My grandparents, 12 cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews...the list goes on.  On these very special occasions, I try to capture every moment.  Truthfully, when we are all together, I imagine that is what Heaven will be like.  All of us in one place having a great time.  Laughing, telling stories, hugging necks and just being happy!  I am so blessed to be a part of a HUGE family and I truly cherish every minute we get to be together!!  Here are some more random, but fun, pictures from the wedding weekend!  (You'll notice a lot of them are of Reese with a family member - I can't help it - I love taking pictures of my sweet girl!)
Lindsay and jelly bean

Love this picture - Brynlee was just talking away to her about when she gets bigger, she can ride the elevator too.

Uncle Robert and Baby Jack

Kayla Beth - this girl is a mad working woman in NYC.  Miss her tons! (We had both been crying because she was leaving for the airport, hence the red eyes and bags).

My sweet cousin Marlie and Reese

Who can forget Uncle Si?

Reese was a fan of Lindsay!!
 (You can see in this picture that R has already started playing with hair. :))

My Uncle Jack - His name is Jack Allen Reese.  We had to get a picture of him holding Jack and Reese.  (As great as this man is, these two kiddos weren't named after him.  Jack Caldwell was named after my two grandfathers and Reese is named after my dad, Reece.)  We just thought it was the cutest picture and a funny coincidence.
My beautiful cousins, Mallory and Madison (twins) and Marlie - miss getting to see these girls. They live in TX.

Kayla Beth and Reeser

Papaw and Si

My beautiful cousin, Kristen, Aunt Vicki, and munchkin
I know these are all random photos, but I love all of these people so much!!  Again, such a great weekend!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married....

Well, the big day didn't quite start out like we all thought.  Unfortunately, my sweet sister, Blake, Matt, Ellis (our hairdresser) and a few other people woke up with a little stomach bug on Saturday.  It's the bug that has been going around EVERYWHERE!!  You would never guess that Kyndall was sick.  She pulled it together like a champ  and looked fantastic (you would never think she didn't feel good by looking at her - if you weren't her sister or Mom)  :(   She was such a trooper!! 
All of the girls went to Pratt Place Inn to get ready around 11:00.  We spent the day on the veranda eating Chick-Fil-A, cookies, drinking mimosas and punch, getting our hair and make-up done, and having fun.  The weather could not have been MORE BEAUTIFUL!!  It was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding! 

Adrienne, Bee, and Ash




Our sweet pad for the day

We had issues getting the pineapple juice opened...

Who has a screwdriver?

Still working on it...

SUCCESS!!  Yes, we poured out of this little hole all day!




The flowers have arrived....





Almost time!!

All the honorary bridesmaids with Papaw before the wedding





Seconds before we stepped out of the limo!  The bride is ready to go!!!
The wedding went off without a hitch!  She was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the crowd was large, Landon rocked it, and I only cried halfway through it.  :))  I didn't get a whole lot of pictures at the reception, as we were too busy having a great time on the dance floor, but here are a few. (I cannot wait to see Hudson's professional photos!)

First Dance
Mom and Dad = dancing fools!

Aunt Patti and Uncle Jack cutting a rug!



Papaw and Nana - married for 57 years and out on the dance floor!!


Aunt Vicki and Uncle Gary letting loose!



Joke of the weekend...my cousin, Michael, brought a life size cardboard Uncle Si.  It went everywhere with us throughout the weekend.  It was hysterical!!!  I cannot count how many people in the lobby of the Embassy wanted their picture taken with it.  (We really should have charged $$) - It was hilarious!!  Here's my Dad with "Si" at the reception - one more reason why I LOVE my family!
It was a wonderful occasion and once again, we are so blessed to have spent the day with so many family and friends in celebration of Kyndall and Blake.  I know God has great plans for these newlyweds and I count my blessings that they're a part of my life!!! 
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Finnell!!!