Monday, May 26, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

The first weekend in May, we had a girls weekend/college reunion with some of my best friends in the world!! Kim and Lauren came to NWA and Amanda did a great job of planning a FANTASTIC weekend.  Matt had to work, and my sweet Mom was kind enough to keep Reese for me, so we had the house all to ourselves. 

We started the weekend off with lunch at Marketplace on Friday afternoon and then spent the remainder of the day shopping at local boutiques.  It was great!! That night we went to a place called Junque 2 Jewels and made frames and wall decor.  This place was awesome and I can't wait to do it again.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a late night dinner at The Hive. It was the perfect day!!





Saturday morning, we devoured brunch at Table Mesa and then headed to Premiere Day Spa to spend the next 4 hours being pampered. Facials, massages, spray tans, etc. (Just what these Mamas needed.).  After an amazing morning, we went to grab a quick bite for lunch at Catfish City and then went to see the movie 'The Other Woman' - it was hilarious!!!  Go see it!!  We went to Bonefish for dinner and then came back to the house for girl talk. It was nice to curl up on the couches and just catch up!!



What a wonderful weekend!! I've said it before, but these girls are good for my soul!!  It was so good to see them!!!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

30 Weeks

I really cannot believe we're down to 10 more weeks!!! Where in the world has the past 8 months gone?!  Our nursery is almost finished, I'm getting ready for maternity leave (only 5 more weeks in the field), and we're soaking up every minute possible with our "only child."  We're planning a trip to the zoo, lots of pool time, a day trip to Branson, and we'll be playground regulars before the end of July!!   I'm very excited about it!


How Far a Along: 30 weeks

Weight Gain: 19 lbs.

Maternity Clothes:  Of course! (It's amazing how many things I'm unable to wear this time around, they're too small.)

Stretch Marks: Not yet....

Best Moment: Seeing our baby boy on another ultrasound last week. He was moving his lips as if he was talking. It was adorable!! He weighed 3.2 lbs. and had a heart rate of 133. Another great moment was our baby shower that the Bentonville church gave us. We are so blessed with such wonderful Christian friends!!

Miss Anything: Not anything in particular. It's weird...I love my regular clothes, heels, etc., but I'm 90% sure that this is my last pregnancy, so I find myself trying to relish in all things maternity.  The flats, cotton maxi dresses, yoga pants...things I don't normally wear.

Movement: All the time! Again, I love it!!! Knowing it's probably my last, I'm soaking up every jab, kick, hiccup, and punch.  This boy moves around MUCH MORE than Reese ever did. (Truthfully, it makes me a little nervous as to how active this nugget will be when he busts out of here. ;))

Food Cravings: Sour Patch Kids. I cannot get enough of them!! I've even been buying the SPK gum!

Anything Making You Sick: I feel very fortunate to not be nauseated anymore. It only took 5 months of being pregnant. :))

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button In/Out: It's as flat as a pancake.

Happy/Moody: I would say that I am happy (most of the time ;)).  I do have to admit that I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable, but I'm loving the warm weather and longer days.

Looking Forward To: A couple of things... We received lots of nice things at our church shower and I'm looking forward to our next baby shower in July. I'm also excited about maternity leave. I'm down to 5 more weeks in the field, and then if all goes as planned should be off work until the end of October.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Crazy April...

Well, I can't believe that April is OVER...where did my birthday month go? It was an INSANE few weeks.  I had district meetings the second week of April, Matt had reflux surgery two days before my birthday and has recently gotten off of a liquid diet, I had a high reading for gestational diabetes and spent too much time doing the 3-hour glucose test (don't drink chocolate milk before you go in), Andree' (Matt's mom) came to help out with Reese while Matt was unable to life more than 5 lbs., and the list of CRAZINESS goes on.  I have to say that I am glad to welcome May and to be getting back into our routine. 

Even though it was crazy, I am doing my best to capture our memories.

District Meetings (A cooking class with our team)

My sweet partner who is moving back to OH.  Gosh, I'm going to miss her!!

Pawpaw, Jack, and Brandi came to sit with me while Matt was in surgery. 

After a couple days in the hospital, I was so glad to have this guy home!!

Enjoying some time on the square!


Ornery little nugget!!

The Easter bunny left some loot for Reese

Loving all her goodies!

This is Reese after church, Bible class, brunch, and getting ready to have a meltdown because she was so tired.  This Mama has got to get pictures BEFORE our day starts!!

Our little family of (almost) 4!

Matt with his Mom
Hunting Easter eggs





Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beach Vacation 2014

We had the BEST time as a little family of three at the beach this year.  We drove to Sandestin, breaking up the trip both ways by stopping in LA to visit Matt's family.  Reese did absolutely wonderful on the drive (considering she's 18 months old).  We enjoyed 5 days and 4 nights in the warm weather and sunshine!  We swam our little hearts out, made sand castles, soaked up some rays, did a bit of shopping, and enjoyed GREAT food.  It was PERFECT!!

Eating dinner at SandCastles

This girl loves lemons

One of our favorites - Fisherman's Wharf!!

We had a rough time warming up to the sand (the big tear in her right eye breaks my heart)


We enjoyed lunch by the ocean every day
Warming up to the sand...she loved it the second day!!

We spent lots of time swimming in the pool too!!  She's a fish!!
6 months preggo with Baby Brooks!!
The only picture we got together (my how times change with kiddos;))

Oh this girl!!!  She's a ham!
She's a shopper like her Mama


Feeding the ducks at Louisiana Lagniappe



This girl has expensive taste...she's devouring lobster rangoons.
More fun on the beach!!

(Side note: this girl had 8 bathing suits for our trip, she looks adorable in each of them.  Unfortunately, this Mama didn't get as many pictures as I thought I would. I guess you could say I was too busy playing with her and soaking up family time!! ;))






A Daddy and his girl...
Like I said, it was the perfect little vacation before we welcome our second bundle of joy!! So very thankful for the memories our little family made!!