Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

This weekend was a long one for me...I took off Friday, just because.  It was a great 3 days off.  Friday I slept in, went to the spa for a mani/pedi, got a little more Christmas shopping done, had a hair appointment, and just got some last minute things checked off my list before our weekend of LOTS of FUN started.  Matt had his last test (for at least a couple of weeks) on Friday and didn't have clinical paperwork this weekend,  so he was able to really relax and have fun.  Friday night we went to Kyndall's new house, she was having a little house warming party.  It was so nice to enjoy a low-key night with friends.  She and Charla were fabulous hosts!  Below are a couple of pictures. 

Sarah, Kyndall, Me and Charla

Heather and Me - it was so good to see her, we haven't gotten to hang out in a while and it was great!

Sarah and Kyndall holding up the ghost cookies I made :)

Chance and Kyndall

Laza and Me (first night to meet him and I love this kid)

I had to post this because people think that we are looking more alike as we get older. (which is a HUGE compliment to me because Kyndall is gorgeous) I think it's because my hair is back to its normal dark brown and we definitely have the same smile :)

The fabulous hosts

Saturday morning Mr. Matt got up to play some golf.  It was a little chilly but I know he had a great time with the guys.  I caught up on some housework and watched some game day.  We had a going away party Saturday afternoon for a very good friend, Bruce Torgerson. He is moving from Little Rock back home to be with family in Rhode Island.  I met Bruce through Julianna and he's an incredible person.  He and his buddy Bill even came to our wedding in NWA last year.  He does amazing work at the VA here and is going to be such an asset to the VA in Providence.  Our going away party was at the Fountain.  I took a ton of pictures for him, below are just a few snapshots.

Me, Jules, and Heat with Bill and Bruce

Bruce loves his vino, so this cake was perfect.

Heather, Kyndall and Me

Bruce and Me - we're going to miss him!

Bruce saying his good-byes

Heat, David and Kyndall

Matt came up to the Fountain after his golf game and then we headed home to watch the HOGS game and get ready for the Halloween party we were going to. We put in a pizza, made some spinach dip and after an hour of being in my sweats, there was no way I was getting up to get ready for any kind of party.  Matt and I curled up in bed and watched the game(s) and seriously were asleep by 10:00.  I HATE that we missed the costume party, but there is something about that king size bed - it just sucks me in :)

Church was great this morning.  Class was focused on the "No Debt, No Sweat" series and I would recommend it to anyone.  It's a lot like the Dave Ramsey program that focuses on not having any debt.  I really think that EVERYONE should read his series.  It's great!!  We had a group that went to eat brunch at Yaya's afterwards and then we were home for a nap.  We've already had trick-or-treaters tonight and they've been adorable!!  Now back to handing out more candy :)  Hope everybody has had a terrific Halloween weekend!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things Around Here...

Well, I was thinking about my blog tonight and realized that I never really just write about what goes on with us during our daily lives. It's usually all about a busy weekend, parties, games, dates or friends and family...which is all GREAT, but maybe I need to add a little bit more every once in a while.  :)

Matt has one more test tomorrow and then should have a break from the test marathon he has been running.  He just got home from the library and I can hear him yawning right now while he goes over more info on pediatrics. He is such a great example to me.  Despite already having a business degree, he is going back to school to do something that truly helps people on a day-to-day basis and I am so proud of him.  He's going to be such an amazing nurse!!

I've had my boss with me today and it's been great.  Most people dread having to tote their manager around, from office to office, but mine is pretty awesome.  He's great at focusing on my strengths, but also good at helping me to identify areas of improvement.  I am blessed!!  I am looking forward to having tomorrow off.  I will be busy...baking for weekend parties, getting my hair cut, some time at the spa, yoga, a little bit of shopping and whatever else I can get myself into. 

I am pretty excited because we had our pictures made two weeks ago and I have just ordered our Christmas cards.  Looks like they will actually be going out on time this year!  Now if I could just get some motivation to continue my Christmas shopping :) 

Matt and I have now started the New Testament reading in our daily Bible and I love it.  I look forward to reading it every night. Which is actually what I am off to do...  (I've also got a little puppy named Jovie that is curled up in my lap looking at me, wondering when we're getting into bed.)

Hope everyone's had a great week and enjoys a Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

This week was not near as bad as I was expecting it to be.  Matt did great on his test, work wasn't as crazy as I was thinking, and we found time for a date night to Bravo on Monday, a night out with Kyndall on Thursday and then a VERY nice and relaxing weekend. For some reason I have been super tired and haven't been sleeping well.  I think it's the weather changing and causing my sinuses to be all out of whack, so this weekend of rest was much needed.

We had a perfect date night at Sushi Cafe' on Friday and were home in time to catch the end of the Rangers/Yankess game...all I can say is GO RANGERS!!!  Very happy to see them going onto the world series.  Saturday, I didn't get out of bed until 9:30 and did nothing but lay around with Matt and watch the HOGS play.  I guess it was the lightning delay but that game just seemed to drag on and on. Around 3:00 I headed to Ginger's bridal shower down the street.  I have known Ginger for over 5 years now and could not think of a better friend.  We have been through many stages in our lives together and I am looking forward to celebrating her wedding in December.  These aren't pictures from the shower, but had to throw some in.  She's one of my favorites and I have so many great memories with her.

Christmas 2005

Dont ask?!?!

Stefanie's bachelorette shower

I really can't find any serious pictures of us :)

One of our many girls nights out - 2006
Can't wait to post many more pics in December!

Saturday night we went to our favorite hole in the wall, Alley Oops, for dinner and called it an early night.  Matt and I worked the nursery this morning during early service at church so we wanted to be well rested.  The cutest little guy exploded all over Matt...spit up everywhere...all over his shirt, pants, we're talking even shoes and socks.  It was hilarious and he was such a good sport.  We just joke that God is slowly trying to break us in :)  It was nothing a little spray and wash couldn't handle!

I have been able to get some Christmas shopping done this afternoon, which is HUGE for me.  I am always waiting until about a month or so before.  I have decided to get the nieces and nephews North Face fleeces this year.  I didn't even know that they made them as small as a 2T, which is perfect for Brynlee and Sam Wyatt.  I was thrilled to find them!
Absolutely adorable

We've had a relaxing Sunday afternoon filled with a big nap and we just got finished carving pumpkins.  (Matt needed a little break from studying)  I haven't carved one since I was little.  I don't even remember, mom had to remind me.  A couple of action shots...

He was much better at removing the seeds than I was!

Concentrating hard...

And the finished product

My haunted house (excuse my attire, I just got back from running)

Now I know these won't last until Halloween, but it was a lot of fun. 
This week is another busy one, two tests for Matt and two days of meetings for me (thankfully no traveling:)  Hope everyone has a great week!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Brynlee Claire Turns 2!!

This weekend was fantastic!!  There was so much going on, I don't know where to begin. :)  We spent the weekend in Rogers, and Kyndall and I drove up on Thursday evening.  We wanted to spend some time going to the craft fairs with Mom on Friday, so off we went.  I don't know if you all have ever heard of the group "Straight No Chaser," but they are absolutely amazing!!  It's a group of 10 guys singing accapella.  If you know anything about my family, it's that we LOVE to sing.  We especially love anything with four-part harmony.  Well, this fabulous group was at the Walton Arts Center on Thursday night, so our entire family (minus Matt, Brynlee and Emma) went to see them.  We had a blast!!!  Below are a couple of snapshots...

Landon and Brandi

They sang songs by Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lauryn Hill, and so many other artists. 

Dad, Mom and Kyndall

Friday morning, Mom, Kyndall and I started the day with breakfast at Panera.  Afterwards, Kyndall went and picked up her brand new car (2011 Equinox...VERY nice) and then we went to the craft fairs for a little while.  We enjoyed lunch at the Crumpet Tea Room and then Brandi and the girls met us for some more crafting. 

Emma was pretty excited :)

The girls were so good. We had a lot of fun!

Friday night, my better half drove in for the weekend.  Yes, I know it was less than 24 hours, but I was so ready to see him!!  We grabbed pizzas and headed back to the farm for a quiet night. Miss Brynlee got to stay with us and we had quite the slumber party!

She and I sang songs on the way home

Played with sidewalk chalk

I think this picture is beautiful! She is so sweet sitting on the steps of the porch.

Saturday morning it was BIRTHDAY TIME!!  We got a couple of pictures of BC before heading to her party. 

Mimi and Brynlee

Uncle Matt with BC (You can't see her little dress but it was so cute. It had a big 2 on it with her name written across it.)

I love this little munchkin!

It was a Barney themed party...with big Barney footsteps leading to the door

Chocolate/Peanut butter Barney cake

Emma was having fun too (her cheeks are my favorite)

Beautiful family of four

Loving some cake

Lindsey and Me

Linz and Emma

Kayla drove in from Tulsa and Jolene was there with her crew too.

And of course this is where ALL the men were, watching the HOGS game

Couldn't you just eat her up?

The Honea's got BC a birthday tutu which she loved!

Me and Kayla Beth

The birthday party was a BIG HIT and Brandi and Landon did a great job of putting it on.  Brynlee was surrounded by so many people who love her.  Once again, these are the days that I thank God for.  Family and friends are priceless in a world where we are so busy and are pulled in so many directions.  It's refreshing to step outside of the world of work, computers, school, and every day activities and just enjoy making memories on special days like this one.

Matt and I took a couple of pictures at Mom and Dad's just because...

Hope your week is not as crazy as mine is going to be!