Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve it has become tradition to go to Landon and Brandi's house to have a friends/family afternoon of good food, football, Christmas games, and more. The kids love to play, and we adults enjoy just catching up. We had so many good munchies and played some great Christmas games.  Every year, we end the day with a marshmallow fight. Seriously, it's every man for himself and let me tell you, next year I'm bringing my helmet. ;)  It's so much fun to act like a kid and to see grandparents pelting their grandkids with fluffy white marshmallows.  

After a fun day out at the lake, our little family of four went to the Candlelight Service at New Hope Church with Landon, Brandi, and the kiddos.  It was beautiful.  Believe it or not, this was my first candlelight service that I've ever been to. I really liked it and it was such a wonderful reminder of the reason for the season. The kids went up on stage to sing a few songs, and they were so precious.  Reese just jumped right up there with everyone else, despite never setting foot in this church.  It made me smile...the girl loves a stage.  It was a great night and our kiddos were exhausted.  Thankfully, they went down pretty quick, after we sprinkled the reindeer food in the yard.  Santa was on his WAY!!!!

Fayetteville at Christmas

This was our first year to go check out the Stewart Family Christmas lights, and it was a HIT! Our tradition has always been to go down to Fayetteville and eat at Catfish Hole, then go to the square. Well, this year we squeezed in the light show on Wyman road and still had time to make it to the square to see the reindeer and walk around. Reese got to see Santa again and remind him she wanted the Barbie Dream house.  Brooks was, of course, OBSESSED with the Christmas train. (He rode it twice and screamed when he had to get off.) The lights were great and I can safely say we'll be back next year. Reese was begging to go to see the reindeer when we got in the car, so off we went to the square.  

The kiddos stood in awe of "Dasher," and Reese wanted to know why he looked so sad. :(  I dodged that bullet by suggesting he was so ready for Christmas that he wished it was Christmas Eve.  She then proceeded to say to him, while walking away, "Merry Christmas! I'll see you on Christmas Eve. Santa will be here to feed you in just a little bit."  She melts my heart.  The innocence of children is beyond precious. 


Christmas Break

Oh Christmas I love you! I have had so much fun being at home with my littles and just soaking up the precious moments.  Now don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine.  The kids still fight, fits are still thrown, naps have gone by the wayside for a few days so you can imagine how the evenings can be...pour me a glass of wine PLEASE! :)  90% of the time though, it's been wonderful.

Last day of MDO - Polar Express Day in Christmas PJ's

I took my Mom out for lunch at the Crumpet Tea Room.

Ladies night out and a Christmas gift exchange with some of our HP neighborhood girls!

Making Christmas cookies...

Using all her muscles to smash down the snowman and gingerbread man :)

#momfail  I didn't have Christmas colored sprinkles :/

This girl loves looking at ornaments on our tree :)

They both love sitting under the tree after baths at night.

Matt and I enjoyed a date night 3 days before Christmas.

We started with drinks at the Hive, then had dinner at the Pressroom, and finished our night walking around the square looking at all the beautiful lights!

I sure do LOVE this guy!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Snow Day

Saturday night, we were planning on going down to the Fayetteville Square, but last minute opted not to because of the FREEZING temps.  I'm very glad we stayed local and just grabbed some Mexican food because the sleet and snow made for some slick roads that night and Sunday morning.  

The kids were so excited when they woke up on Sunday because we had "snow" on the ground...and by snow I mean maybe half an inch. :)  They couldn't wait to go play in it.  It was actually 3 degrees that morning with a wind chill of -10, so we stayed home and decided to have a family day instead of getting out in the bitter cold for church.  

I'm really praying for a BIG snow day in January or February.  We've got our snow bibs ready!!

Christmas Program

This year, the kiddos sang in their Christmas program at His House, and both of them were much more vocal than last year while singing, and moved around to the beat of the song pretty darn good. 
Reese's class sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Brooks' class sang Jump for Joy (cause Jesus is born.) And then the entire school sang Happy Birthday Jesus. It was so precious.  We love our MDO program and the amazing teachers that help my kiddos grow every day.   

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well. the Holidays have been in full swing over on Chancery Lane.  This is my favorite time of year!!  I love all the Christmas music, lights, trees, decorations, and most of all...time with the ones I love.  We went to the Bentonville Square a few weeks ago.  The lights there are beautiful, and the kiddos loved them.  We ate dinner at Flying Fish and just walked around taking it all in.  The weather wasn't too cold, so we stayed for a while.  

We decorated the Christmas tree in our bedroom.  It's our keepsake tree that holds all of mine and Matt's ornaments from when we were kids.  We add to it every year and the kids ornaments now also hang on this tree.  It's my favorite tree in our house. 

Naps by the tree are my favorite.

Reese and Brooks had their Christmas Preschool Party at church.

They both got an award in chapel at MDO for patience. 

Just because.... I thought this picture of Reese coloring by the tree was so sweet. 

Making ornaments and baking cookies at Mimi's house

Santa was a bust AGAIN this year for Bman!

Their new favorite place to watch T.V.

Ready for church....

Week 2, ready for church....

I love all the nights we curl up in our bed to watch Christmas movies.  Bubble Guppies, Polar Express, and Peppa's Christmas are some of their favorites.  
It's going to be a great week!!