Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February...In A Nut Shell

The last month is kind of a blur, since Reese has been sick, work has been busy for both me and Matt, and is just happening.  :)  Here are a few pictures to catch you up on what we've been up to.
Some fun at the SuperBowl Party with our LifeGroup.
Trying to contain her excitement ;)

My Loves!!
Sweet baby girl

I told you she loves to stand!
Loving some oatmeal!

Valentine's Day!! Reese proudly sported her V-day sleepers all week and will hopefully enjoy all the loot Mama, Daddy, and Mimi bought her.  #Ihaveaproblem  #Ilookforanyexcusetobuyherclothes
Matt had to work on V-day, but surprised me with beautiful roses, wine, and the sweetest card.  We're celebrating this week with dinner reservations ;)
Our beautiful friend, Corie, watched Reese for us last week while I traveled one day.
Dad went to LA for the weekend to fish/go to the deer camp.

Mimi came in town and we girls had a blast!!
Reese helped Aunt Bee pick out programs, napkins and thank you notes.  We're getting SOO excited for May 11!!!
Somebody was making everyone laugh while we enjoyed lunch at U.S. Pizza
Loving some snuggle time with Dad

Heather's lingerie shower on Sunday Funday.
Yes, I know the month is half over and my blogging is slacking, but I have no excuses.  I've been spending all my free time with my beautiful baby girl and hubs.  We're going to have a relaxing weekend and are really excited about Aunt Bee's BIG shower in Rogers on March 2!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Months Old

 And....time just keeps flying by!!  I truly cannot believe that you are 5 months.  This last month has been challenging, as you have had RSV.  You didn't have to be hospitalized, but Mommy and Daddy kept you out of Day School for two weeks (even though you only go three days).  It was a very rough time, but I think you are on the mend now.  You have just recently gone back to sleeping through the night, which is SOO nice.   Here are your 5 month highlights....
  • You are now rolling over like a champ.  You have never been a fan of tummy time.  When we put you on your tummy the first thing you do is lean to the side, kick that leg over, and you're on your back! 
  • You're also rolling from back to tummy, not quite as well as from tummy to back, but you're getting it down.  You lay on your play mat in one direction and I look over and you've completely changed directions.  I love it! 
  • You are almost sitting up by yourself. You can sit for about 20 seconds and then you slowly start to fall over. We are almost there!!

  • You also love to stand. Of course, we're holding onto you, but you would rather stand than sit any day :)
  • You love for me to sing to you while we rock before bed every night.  Some of the songs I sing that you seem to like are; Jesus Loves Me, Stay Awake (from the movie Mary Poppins), Love One Another (church song), and Count Your Blessings (from the movie White Christmas.) Dad also sings to you. His favorite song to sing is, To God Be the Glory. 
  • You have started eating oatmeal at night (usually around 5ish, before your bath and last bottle).  At first you weren't crazy about it, but you've started to like it and will eat a couple of tablespoons in one setting.  Your face is priceless!!
  • You have outgrown the Bumbo. As you sit in it for a little while, then get bored and start to arch your back and straighten those legs wanting out.  
  • You're still such a smiley and happy baby!!  I love picking you up at day school to see the huge grin on your face.  You're "talking" non-stop and love to hear the sound of your voice.  

You are such a blessing sweet Reese!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trying Times

My motto since I have become a Mom is to "take one day at a time."  I can't tell you how often I say this to myself during the week, especially this last week.  It's been a rough couple of days at the Fitzgerald household.  Reese was diagnosed with RSV last Wednesday and bless her heart.... Although she hasn't been running a fever, and her breathing is regulated, she has a cough that makes you cringe and mucus that is never ending.  She can't breathe very well at night when she sleeps on her back, therefore Matt and I are running on about 4 hours of sleep a night for the past 6 days.   I think we're both PAST exhausted!!

Last Wednesday, I was having horrible abdominal pains and went to the doctor that afternoon only to spend the evening in the hospital getting CT scans.  The doctor thought I could possibly have appendicitis. Thankfully, I did not...but I do have ovarian cysts causing all my pain. I got home late that night and have been at home with our little munchkin since.

Despite being exhausted, missing 4 days of work, fighting the abdominal pain I have, and praying 100x a day that Reese will get better, I am thankful for the little things.  I am thankful for a wonderful Mom who comes in town all weekend to give Matt and me a little break. I'm thankful for a sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law who have brought us dinner and breakfast umpteen times throughout the past week. I'm thankful for a company/manager who has been so understanding about my time out of the field.  I'm thankful for the best husband in the world who never let's me do anything by myself. He is always helping, holding Reese, putting her to bed, feeding her... I couldn't ask for a better life partner.  I'm thankful for wonderful church friends who are bringing us dinner this week.  I'm thankful for the "Friends" marathon that was on this weekend to help pass the time while I was at home.  I'm thankful for amazing friends who are watching Reese this week so that I can see a few customers.  And I am very thankful that Reese isn't getting worse.  Yes, this sucks, but she could be in the hospital, on breathing machines, or much worse.  I'm trying to keep it all in perspective!!  I know that this too shall pass.  I just continually pray that it will be sooner rather than later.