Monday, March 31, 2014

22 Weeks....

Well, we are past the halfway point through this pregnancy. I can't believe that we are working our way to the 6 month mark.  This pregnancy is absolutely flying by.  A couple of fun things.... We've decided on a name for our little guy, and it will be Brooks Vaughn. (Vaughn is Matt's grandfather and father's name.)  We will call him Brooks, so may the monogramming begin :))

We've purchased his baby furniture at The Baby's Room and it should be in towards the end of May. I've also decided to decorate the room with Pottery Barn's Junior Varsity bedding set and decor. (Sports themed - I think it will be precious when it's done.)

How Far Along:  22 weeks

Weight Gain:  I hadn't gained a pound until our 17 week appointment, I gained one pound.  However, at our 21 week appt, I had put on 7 lbs!!!!  I about died!!!  The nurse and Matt started walking down the hall, as I stood there and weighed myself AGAIN!!   I was shocked!!  Guess when you're not throwing up 3x a day, you begin to put on weight. :)).

Maternity Clothes:  Of course!! This belly is huge!! I feel so big already and I'm really anxious about how big I will be before delivery?!

Stretch Marks: No, hoping for none!

Best Moment:  Finding out at our 18-week ultrasound that we are having a BOY!!  Everything looked great and he seems to be growing just as he should be.

Miss Anything: Wearing heels (my back is beginning to bother me more), regular clothing (I hate maternity clothes), and sleeping on my stomach.

Movement:  Oh yes! I love feeling him wiggle, roll, and give me little kicks at night. He's an active little nugget!!

Food Cravings: I'm still drinking a lot of unsweetened tea (just as I did with Reese), but a regular coke is also sounding good about once a day.  I really haven't been craving anything particular, I'm just thrilled to be holding down food!!

Anything Making You Sick:  I have to really watch it with Mexican food.  It's one of my favorite things to eat, but it's made me sick the last 2 out of 3x I've had it!

Gender: BOY!!

Belly In/Out:  Still in...but not for much longer :/

Happy/Moody:  I'm happy!!! Yes, this pregnancy has been much harder on my body, but I just feel so blessed to have this sweet little guy growing inside of me.

Looking Forward To:  Our beach vacation...starting Saturday!!! Our little family is headed to Sandestin for the week!! Can't wait to post about Reese's first trip to the beach!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lately...or the past Month!!

Well, it's 7:50 on Thursday night and I'm lying in bed catching up on the blog. Yep!! Things get crazy around here. :)) Matt is back working nights in the ICU for another month, Reese is off in dreamland, and I've been making our list of what to pack for the beach in just 2 short weeks!!! We can't wait!! 

There is so much to catch up on!! I'll attach some pictures below of what we've been up to over the past month, but the biggest news for our little family is that we will be welcoming a 
Baby BOY this summer!!! We had our ultrasound at 18 weeks and everything looked great. We are so excited and I am now in full 'nursery planning' mode. We have our 20 week appointment coming up and I'll hopefully have a name to share...crazy to think we're almost halfway through this pregnancy!! 

I'm just beginning to get over the constant nausea and sickness that I've had with this baby. 17 weeks is when it came to a halt, after a little scare and a visit to the hospital.  I ended up catching the stomach bug that Reese had and got extremely dehydrated.  We had to make a trip to the hospital where I received 2 bags of IV fluids, they monitored the baby's heart rate, and did some blood work.  We were free to go home that night and I felt better than I had in months.  Thankfully, I haven't gotten sick since. 

It's been a busy week, but we're looking forward to a low key weekend of picking out nursery furniture and registering for this sweet little munchkin.  In other news, this is what our little family has been up to.  :))

Matt and I celebrated a night out at Ruth's Chris after the ultrasound of our sweet baby boy!

We had one more big snow!!  Hopefully, our LAST!!!
We spent Valentine's Day weekend in Little Rock visiting Blake and Kyndall.  Such a great time!!!

My beautiful sis!

My high school friend, Leslie, is having a baby boy and we were able to celebrate her and Clayton with a shower.
Love these gals!
We've played on the playground a little bit.  This girl loves being outside!
We drove over to Tulsa on a Saturday to spend the afternoon with my grandparents.

Having a blast with Papaw C.

We sure do love these two!!!
I have to admit, it's been tough to keep up the blogging, but Instagram is my new "scrapbook."  I am able to capture all of our fun memories much quicker with Insta. 
I'll be back (hopefully soon) with a 20 week update on our little guy!!