Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Brooks... 3, 4, and 5 Months Old

I have been totally slacking on the ole' blog lately. We've been having so much fun enjoying the holidays, that I've kind of forgotten about it.  Before I get too far behind, I need to update how much my sweet big guy is growing! Here are lots of pictures to capture the last 3 months.

3 Months
4 Months

5 Months
And here's a whole lot of pictures from October-December.  We sure do love this guy!! At 4 months, Brooks had grown six inches since birth and weighed almost 18 lbs. At 5 months, you are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing and still downing all bottles.  We introduced baby food to you @ 4 months and you love EVERYTHING! I am so thankful that you're a healthy, growing boy, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if time could slow down a little bit. 














I can't believe my next post about B-man will be 6 months...that's HALF A YEAR!!!  (Cue the tears running down my face!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We took advantage of soaking up our last week together before Matt started a new position with Mercy and before this Mama headed back to work full time at the end of October.  One afternoon, we decided to pick up Reese from MDO and head to the Farmland Adventures Pumpkin Patch. It was perfect weather and Reese loved every bit of it.  Big man slept for the majority of the time and was so good! We spent Friday night carving pumpkins while Daddy grilled out.  It was perfect!!










Monday, October 27, 2014

My Amazing Aunt Nancie

This week is going to be one of the most stressful weeks for me this year. I'm now on a plane headed to Chattanooga, TN to attend my Aunt Nancie's funeral.  Nancie lost her battle to pancreatic cancer last Friday around 11:00.  She battled this horrible disease for 2 years and 4 months.  I feel so blessed that she was with us on this earth for as long as she was, it's just difficult to say good-bye. She was an amazing Christian woman, and I have so many fond memories with her.  

I will never forget when she came to Little Rock to meet Reese a few months after she was born.  She brought one of Jocelyn's old Rainbow Bright dolls that I had apparently cut the hair off of when we were little. She told me that Jocelyn had the entire collection and one week when we were visiting them, I cut the hair (to the scalp) on almost all of them and she was so mad.  (I promise I don't remember doing this :)). She had been diagnosed with cancer 5 months before she met Reese.  She sat on our couch and handed me the doll.  She told me something I will never forget. She said, "Kia, life is full of ups and downs, and when you have kids, there are big battles and little battles that you will fight.  However, I want you to have this doll and just remember, life is too short to sweat the small stuff.  When you think Reese has done something awful, stop and think...is it really that bad?"  I will forever remember her words and her advice on letting the little things go.  

We are going to miss this amazing woman of faith so much, but I am so thankful that she is no longer suffering and in pain.  She lived her life while fighting this battle with dignity and grace.  I hope that as I go through life and face the many battles ahead, that I can shine as bright as she did and share my faith in The Lord just like her.

Please keep my family in your prayers as we lay Aunt Nancie to rest.  Also, for my sweet crew at home.  Matt is keeping the kids, as I will be going on to IN for work tomorrow through Thursday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reese Turns 2!!

My sweet baby girl turned 2 on September 12!! I CANNOT believe that she is this old!! Where has the time gone?  I booked Reese's party about 3 months ahead because I didn't want the birth of Brooks or anything else to overshadow her big day. She had a big party at Little Gym and we invited her sweet friends and family. She had a blast!!!

Mommy and Daddy bought her a kitchen with lots of food to go in it.  (This girl is obsessed with kitchens.) She was spoiled rotten with gifts and love.  The last couple of pictures are outside her MDO, where she brought all her friends cupcakes to celebrate.

Reese, you are truly the sweetest little thing.  Every day I look at you and see something else that I love.  You are full of energy and life and with each passing day you remind this "type A personality" Mama, to slow down and to soak up the little things in life...like sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, playing in your princess tent, and so much more.

I hope you'll always keep your strong will (I will regret this statement when you're a teenager) and I hope you'll always give big hugs and kisses. They're my favorite!! We love you so much baby girl!!! Happy Birthday!!!




Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brooks' Newborn Pictures