Wednesday, June 14, 2017

40th Anniversary

June 10th of this year was my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary. 40 YEARS!!  That is so amazing to me.  Landon, Kyndall and I put together a surprise party for them at Copeland's.  They were completely and utterly shocked. We had the best time celebrating the two of them with friends and family.


I feel so blessed to have the amazing example of my parent's marriage to look up to. They have always put God first, family second, and everything else has fallen into place after that.  They are both hard workers, successful, selfless, trustworthy, honest, and have loved and supported the three of us kids since we were born.  I know what it is like to be unconditionally loved and I pray daily that I can radiate these types of qualities in my marriage. We love you so much Mom and Dad!!!  We can't wait to throw another shindig for your 50th! 

And now these 4 are off to Florida to celebrate!!!
Behave yourselves!  :)

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